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How Pregnant Mother’s Mood Affects The Baby In The Womb?

Sugandha Tiwari

Created by Sugandha Tiwari
Updated on Jun 11, 2020

How Pregnant Mothers Mood Affects The Baby In The Womb
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Affects of thoughts on the body

How many of you have heard that our thought process have a direct impact on our bodies. Both positive and negative thinking have impact on the physical body and that body shows signs for it. Similarly, when we talk about pregnancy, the mental, emotional and psychological state of mother’s mind has a tremendous impact on the unborn child.

Just the way your doctors recommend that you must stop smoking and drinking before planning to conceive and during pregnancy, same rule applies for thoughts and emotions.Since alcohol and nicotine will not just be harmful for your physical body but your mental health as well. Your negative thoughts are no less than poison for you and your baby.

Affects of thoughts on the womb

Feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness and so on aggravate the stress hormones and release harmful chemicals in the body. These chemicals in the bloodstream further get transferred through the placenta to the baby. Emotions and feelings are the thoughts that we feel.

Pregnant women’s emotions are created by the thoughts she has about her married life, her relationships with everyone around especially close family members, her health, delivery, any unfulfilled desires or dreams, work or anything else.

Anything that does not make her feel happy and generate negative vibes in her body is for sure going to affect the unborn baby too. The kinds of thoughts we have in general are direct contributors for the healthofour nervous system.

What pregnant mothers can do to ensure positive thoughts flowing in her body?

Most of the tips suggested below are based on the alternative ways of mind and body healing. I am sharing only those with you that in my personal experience make a lot of difference in the overall thought process if they are practiced with consistency and complete faith to bring modifications in any area of life.

There are several world renowned authors like Deepak Chopra who specifically write and talk a lot about mind body healing for pregnant mothers. Grab one of his famous books “Magical beginnings, enchanted lives"to gain more insights.

  • Make use of alternate healing therapies like making use of “power of subconscious mind”. The book is written by Joseph Murphy.

    In his book he says that our subconscious mind is like a ship while our conscious mind is like a captain and the ship follows the captain’s command. So, watch out and be in charge of what commands you want your subconscious to follow.

  • Another technique is that of mental imagery or creative visualization as suggested by another famous author, Shakti Gawain. He talks about you creating mental images of what you desire and the way you desire.

    In case of pregnancy, it could be your pregnancy, the height and weight of your baby, planning your baby shower, buying your babies clothes or setting up his/her room.

  • Mediation is definitely a must try to calm your senses and get connected to your inner self.

  • Listen to music, calming and relaxing mantras, watch romantic, comedy or any other light movies. By the way this one can be pretty interesting.


    Remember the Bollywood movie “Iqbal” where the baby in the womb develops love for cricket since his mother is an avid fan of the sport.

  • Listen to your elder’s wise lessons and any useful and rich stories or experiences that they wish to share. After all experience in areas like these has loads of fruitful knowledge to share.

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