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What to Do’s and What Not to Do in Pre-natal ?

Dr Chitra Jalal PT

Created by Dr Chitra Jalal PT
Updated on Dec 27, 2020

What to Dos and What Not to Do in Pre natal
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As we all know that the prenatal time is one of the most cherish-able moment for all the ladies no matter how smooth or tough it has been. We often experience various problems while we are into our prenatal period which are temporary. But how do we lead ourselves towards a healthy and happy pre-natal? Read on…

Common Pre-natal Problems And Their Solutions-

Almost all the moms-to-be face common pre-natal problems, which can be easily overcome by home-remedies. Few of which are-

  1. Nausea-

    Not every female experiences nausea in this phase but the one who does actually knows how it is. You can cope up with nausea by taking up something like a biscuit before getting up from the bed because it's more common in early morning. Some may have problem with the food being cooked and get irritated by the aroma, but to be true, in some cases the natural remedies don't work because it's not advisable to unnecessarily take the stress of vomiting so do consult your docs and take the suggested medicine
  2. Backache-

    The most common of all is backache. It's all because of the increasing weight during the pregnancy of the mother which shifts the Cog of the body. This can be due to abnormal posturing and increasing weight. You should avoid picking up things from the ground in a bending posing that's the most dangerous of all for the mothers back as well as the baby inside. You should go down on your knees and then pick up things that too if it's that important. Keeping a good posture throughout the pregnancy keeps you at lower risk of back ache. Do take sufficient amount of Calcium intake in form of dairy products and vitamin D (early morning sunshine before 8 am) this will help in the babies skeletal development as well. A C-section leading to backache is just a myth. Many cases with normal delivery also complaint about backache!
  3. Gestational diabetes-

    It's a kind if diabetes in pregnancy but it gets over once you are done with the pregnancy. To rule out a blood sugar count, tests should be done and in case you are positive with it, then focus on fibre rich foods and less of sugar intake. Bitter gourd helps a lot in regulating the sugar count so do include it in your diet and don't forget a 15 minutes’ walk every day(this is the minimum time but one can increase up to your comfort level)
  4. Lethargy-

    Deep breathing exercises in a comfortable position should be practiced every day by every expecting mother. It not only keeps you fresh but also helps you out in labour time. A 15 minutes’ walk should at least be included by every expecting female (excluding the ones who have been advised with bed rest by their gynaes)
  5. Cramps-

    Cramps can be one of the indication that your body is running less on protein count. Include pulses, eggs, meat and other sources of protein. Most important of all is to keep your self hydrated. Include a lot of water intake 10 -12 glasses a day. Increase your fruit count to at least three different fruits in a day. It's advisable to eat a complete fruit as compared to juices as it would add fibre to your diet and can relieve constipation which is one of the common problems during pregnancy. Take a walk daily and practise deep breathing exercises. Eat small frequent meals (avoiding staying hungry for a longer time)

Follow these easy pre-natal tips to ensure a healthy and stress free pre-natal.

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amazing tips for mothers- to -be. thanks for sharing!

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