Teach Your Child How to Wear Socks and Shoes

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Teach Your Child How to Wear Socks and Shoes
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Independently putting on shoes and socks is one of the major tasks under activities of daily living or self-careskills. It provides a base for the planning and sequencing of more complex self-care and play skills, moreover it signals child’s awareness of his own body.

With modelling and imitation, children often pick up self-care skills faster but for them to be able to become independent in these skills, it requires training and practice.

Read more to find out some quick tips that can help you in training your child with tasks of putting on and off shoes and socks-

Beginning the preparation

  1. Begin the practice with big socks that are easily stretchable. It will make manipulation easier.
  2. Pick up socks that have different coloured heels. It will work as a clue.
  3. To begin with, use Velcro shoes or pump shoes that can be easily slipped into the feet. Avoid starting with shoes that have laces or buckles.
  4. In the initial stages when you are teaching your child, try making him/her sit and then teach. It will just give your child postural support with feet stable and allow him/her to focus on the action rather than balancing his/her body.
  5. One of the most important things you must check before you begin to teach your child this skill is his/her knowledge of left and right side of body.
  6. Always first start teaching removing shoes and socks and then wearing them.

Sequence of removing and putting on shoes and socks





  1. First pull the shoes off. The technique to remove will vary according to the shoe type.
  2. Then teach pulling the socks off. If pulling off at the toes does not help, tuck the thumb into the upper edges of the socks and then pull down towards the heel.

    If by tucking thumb also it does not become easier then roll it down towards the heel, instead of just pulling it down.

  3. Make sure the sock is turned the correct way out, scrunch the socks up towards the tip and place onto your child’s toes.

    Ask your child to pull up towards the heel, seeing that the coloured heel is roughly in the correct place before then pulling up above the ankle. Ensure he/she is using two hands simultaneously.

  4. Encourage your child to pull the sock onto the toes and then up to the ankle so that he/she can get the coloured heel in the correct place.

    Only then continue to pull above the ankle. It is much harder for children to re-adjust the heel once the socks are already above the ankle.

  5. You may also consider showing your child videos on the same.
  6. Last but not the least model it for your child before teaching. It will make the learning process smooth and more effective.

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| Apr 01, 2021

Thanks for sharing these pieces of information as socks are very necessary for a baby and by going through this I am now able to find the best baby shoe socks.

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