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Broken Phone Screen? This Mom Shares About A 30-Min Repair Service At Home!


Created by Ekta
Updated on Apr 06, 2019

Broken Phone Screen This Mom Shares About A 30 Min Repair Service At Home
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Just this last weekend when my 6-year-old was playing a game on my phone, she got super excited! She had scored more than her own ‘highest score’! And what happened next made me hit the panic button! In all that ‘high score’ excitement, she dropped the phone. And, my new phone’s screen was shattered!

Needless to say, I can’t think of a single day without my phone. I am a working mom and use a lot of apps to do my daily chores. I order my groceries, pay my bills, book the cab and so it's a lifeline of sorts. Getting my phone screen repaired should have been my priority but the thought of leaving it at a repair shop for two or more days was not giving me a good feeling. Isn’t it a hassle? There are chances of your data theft, and then being without your phone for more than two days sounds inconvenient to me.

In times like these if you get to know that your phone can be repaired on the same day and that too at the comfort of your home! How would you feel? Sounds unbelievable, right?

How does this quick repair happen?

One of my colleagues told me about Cashify Screenpro. You can book this repair service online within a minute and then you hear back from them. They send a technician at your home to repair the screen in front of you.

Simple steps to book the service

Without wasting too much time, I just logged onto the website and filled in my phone details (brand, model and colour). After filling in my phone details, I was given a fair repair price. And then all I had to do was fill in my address, choose a convenient time slot and voila, the service was booked.

Professional technicians at your doorstep

The same day, a uniformed technician came to my house and he started repairing the phone in front of me. I must say I was pretty impressed with their professionalism. The technician laid out his tools and started repairing the phone screen.

Great after-repair experience

It hardly took him 30 minutes to do the job. I was then asked to test the screen, which was working absolutely fine. And, my phone looked as good as new. Not only this, but the technician also placed a tempered screen guard on my phone for free! This, I was definitely not expecting. Had made my mind up then itself, that I would share about this service with all moms on parentune.

I have experienced express delivery services but had never experienced a quick mobile screen repair service like this. If you have a broken screen at home, I would definitely recommend Screepro’s mobile screen repair service.


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| Apr 08, 2019

good service cashify screenpro . Have repaired my screen with them .

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