Ragging in colleges: Dealing with the menace

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Ragging in colleges Dealing with the menace

Students look forward to their school ending and the day they would step into the shoes of an adult and start their college life. Life is all about roses and friendship. Newspapers have been rife with the news of ragging in campuses that have lead to chronic injuries and in some cases loss of life. Ragging is a vile aspect of college life. It has taken an ugly turn in recent years. Among the hundreds of cases where ragging has led to severe consequences for the victims, the recent case of Naveen Kujur is heart rending. The 22 year old was forced to do sit ups and push-ups all night and has not walked on his own since.

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| Oct 23, 2013

Ragging is a very serious issue and unfortunately very common these days. A blog like this surely helps us in being prepared! I wasn't aware that there is a helpline number. Thank you Payal for this informative blog.

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