Rain pain: 7 Ideas to keep your child engaged indoors

Neha Gupta Mittal
7 to 11 years

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Rain pain 7 Ideas to keep your child engaged indoors

• Are you looking for fun ways to beat the rain pain this monsoon? • Keeping our young ones entertained during rains,, while protecting them from monsoon diseases - is quite a challenge! • With just a little planning you can ensure your child enjoys the rainy season as much as he or she enjoys any other season. • Neha Mittal shares some innovative tips to spend rainy days in a productive and fun-filled way… This is a light blog with some easy hacks to let the monsoon months pass better. Your reviews and feedback will help me help you better. Happy Monsoon Mommies!!!

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छुआरा यादव

| Sep 06, 2017

thanks for info

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Swati Pandit

| Aug 13, 2017

good article

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Rajesh Kumar

| Jul 09, 2017

superb idea, thanks for sharing !!

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Dora Ferns

| Jul 03, 2017

Nice ideas for indoor fun for the child!! thnx

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| Jul 01, 2017

Nice way to keep kids busy ... Thanks for sharing.

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