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Raising a boy child -- things to know

Ravleen Wadhwa
3 to 7 years

Created by Ravleen Wadhwa
Updated on Sep 25, 2017

Raising a boy child things to know

So is it really different to bring up a boy? Yes, it can be quite different, and requires a lot more work. Don't raise your son as your daughter, that's the wrong way to go, but instead, bring him up the way he should be raised - the right way – accepting him as he is with no gender stereotyping. Accepting and respecting our children for who they are – and not moulding them to fit society’s or our old ideas of who they should be – is the key to successful parenting.

Encourage Your Son In His Choices

With this piece I want to highlight some hobbies your boy may have, but for various social reasons, they are not encouraged much, just yet.

  • Cooking: Your boy shows interest in cooking? What a great hobby. Harness it! Take him to classes that teach non-fire recipes. Let him help you with little things in the kitchen. If he is old enough, let him make breakfast or simple dishes for the family. Slowly and steadily it will boost his confidence and he will become a pro at taking care of his own needs, at least, if not anyone else yet
  • Styling: Show off his skills to friends and family - this will boost his self-confidence. Your boy shows interest in clothing, and wants to choose his outfits and probably his moms or sisters also? Amazing, what else do we mums need - an assurance of how it will look on you, from someone who means the world to you. Didn't you always want approval from your husband, or maybe even desire interest from your man for your clothing? This is the time to live your dream. Be proud and happy, your boy is taking interest in how he wants his mum and sister to look
  • Designing: While styling and designing are part of a same field, there is a difference in the two. Styling involves creating a look using different fabrics and textures, while designing involves creating a dress from the scratch. So if your boy is interested in designing, encourage it buy praising his efforts and skills. And if he is old enough, you can put him into short term summer courses as well to enhance his skills
  • Interior designer: So your son likes to design and conceptualise interiors –that’s fantastic! Encourage them by seeking their opinions on changes around your or even your relatives or friends homes. Let them design their own room or some special corners in your house– like a reading nook or an outdoor space
  • Help your son unleash his creativity and watch him blossom! Allowing and encouraging your son to follow his interests will also help him develop a healthy respect for women and equality. In the end, there's nothing like a girl/boy activity. It's about interest and choice. Let your children make the choice.

    Did you find Ravleen’s blog on bringing up boys useful? How do you help your child discover their talents? Do leave your comments…. We love hearing from you!

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    | Oct 08, 2017

    edycation is very important how can we ignore it if they are not interested in studies gives very bad prformance in school what we can do

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    | Oct 03, 2017

    thank u it helps me a lot to let me handle me my 7yrs son

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    | Oct 02, 2017

    Thanx very helpful blog.

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    | Sep 30, 2017

    this blog is really very useful for me ,but my 3. 5 year old son always wants to change his clothes very frequently. he changes his clothes nearly 10 times a day and that also his choice and if it is not looking properly he starts crying now I m literally fed up of his habit pls do suggest some thing so that he will reduce his changing clothes activity

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    | Sep 28, 2017

    it's really an useful article.... I have twin boys. exactly my elder son love's cooking... I never discouraged him they are 6 yrs old... they are independent too

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    | Sep 27, 2017

    thanks a lot

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    | Sep 27, 2017

    thanks a lot it's very informative for my son

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    | Sep 27, 2017

    wow ! wot an excellent topic ... thanx a lot for d information...

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    | Sep 26, 2017

    a divergent topic in contrast to the regular belief system practiced in India. if a boy chooses a career other than those popular ones and those "meant for boys" , he is not just considered abnormal but he also becomes a laughing stock. people look down upon him and he becomes the talk of the town.. this blog would definitely be an eye opener for many such people who still think, men should not enter kitchen, or designing is girls domain. thanks for sharing it.

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