Raising Happy children (Live from the Parentune workshop)

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Raising Happy children Live from the Parentune workshop

The Parentune Expert Panel was a part of the recently held World Children Expo (WCE ’13) where they undertook a unique workshop, “Raising happy children”. Parentune café and workshops are in line with the parentune mission of empowering parents to tackle real time parenting issues. The parents were unanimous in admitting the unexpected parenting challenges thrown at them. There is perhaps ample around us to reflect the phenomenal changes in terms of work culture, technological advancement and Internet boom. All this and more have pushed joint-families to give way to nuclear families and have more and more working mothers. Urban parenting today needs an approach updated with today’s time.

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| Jul 07, 2013


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| Jun 20, 2013

hi wanted to know how long does it take a child to adapt to play school ?

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| May 28, 2013

Hey Gaurima, was waiting for an update on this. Thanks!

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| May 23, 2013

hi all,its very nice to get answers to the most common parents questions

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