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5 Reasons I Chose Organic Food For My Child

Cheena M Gujral
1 to 3 years

Created by Cheena M Gujral
Updated on Dec 31, 2019

5 Reasons I Chose Organic Food For My Child
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From the air we breathe to the food we eat, to almost everything we’re exposed to, we cannot ignore the presence of harsh toxins, however, we can limit our contact with them, especially for our little ones.

At the tender age of 2-5 years, children have a developing immune system and it’s not yet strong enough to fight pollutants and infections. I have understood this the hard way, having seen my son get ill frequently. I take extra care of his food intake, and so I scrutinize the ingredients mentioned in every food product I buy for him. This is my idea of controlling the quality of food and providing the right nutrition in my child's daily meals.

Having been a Certified Nutritionist, I keep a careful eye on packaged foods for my toddler. I look out for artificial substances, preservatives, and added flavours. I know how most of the packaged products are produced and how these foods come in contact with toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, food additives and other chemicals. This is why I have always preferred organic foods for my toddler. This was a few months back when I was looking for organic foods for my son. I spoke to my son’s Pediatrician and I got resounding support for my belief in natural food ingredients.

The Pediatrician suggested a completely organic cereal for my toddler, called Organic Ceregrow. He told me that it’s a “certified organic” product and is free from harmful preservatives, artificial substances and harmful pesticides. I did my own research and learnt more.

  • It is the first toddler food that is “Certified Organic”

“Certified Organic” food products are defined by the strict guidelines of the National Program for Organic Production (NPOP). India has implemented NPOP, which defines “Certified Organic” food, as products that are grown naturally, without synthetic inputs or stimulations. These products also carry the Jaivik Bharat and India Organic Logos. Certified Organic also means 95%+ organic ingredients. Remember, every product declaring ‘made from organic produce,’ may not actually qualify for organic, especially baby food products. There are only a few certified organic baby foods in the market. 

  • It is safe for my toddler

It is power-packed with the nourishment of multigrain cereal, the goodness of milk and fruits and does not contain added preservatives or artificial flavours. It is perfectly safe for 2 to 5-year-olds’ consumption.

  • Its ingredients (rice, wheat and grains) are organically farmed

Conventional farming relies on artificial substances to supply nutrients to the soil or to protect plants from pests. However, Organic farmers use plant extract like Pongamia/ Lagundi as natural means of keeping pests away. The usage of natural compost and manure keeps the soil alive with organic matter like khaad, roots, leaves, insects and earthworms. This process unlocks minerals and nutrients in the soil to make everything grow as Nature has always intended. 

  • It has the goodness of organic milk

Milk is the most important liquid that is given to a toddler in his nourishing years. As a mother, I have to be sure of how this particular milk is prepared and reaches us. I researched a little and learnt that in organic farms, the cows are fed with home-grown fodder. Then these cows give us organic milk without the use of any growth hormones. I am happy that I am giving organic milk to my child.

I am glad that I chose a certified organic nutritious cereal for my toddler. Given that almost everything today is diluted in quality, the least I could do as a mom was to provide pure and unadulterated food to my child in his growing years. By switching to organic, I not only fulfil the nutritional needs of my toddler now but also inculcate the positive values of nature conservation in my child.

I urge all parents to think about this aspect too and contribute their bit by making a nature-friendly choice. Let me know your view in the comments below.

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| Jan 17, 2020

Awsm Cheena . Liked your article

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| Jan 17, 2020

good for babies of over 2 yrs. doctor recommended. Can be a good breakfast option. taste better than ordinary one. helps to gain weight and cure constipation in 2yrs babies.

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