Return Gift Ideas For Your Toddler's Birthday Party

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Return Gift Ideas For Your Toddlers Birthday Party
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The first birthday is a big milestone in your child's life as he/she has finally completed a whole year on this planet. As parents even you have succeeded in handling all the baby woes along with sleepless nights. Parents intend to celebrate their child's first birthday in a memorable way. These days birthday parties are incomplete without return gifts and you sure want to send your little guests home with a smile on their cute faces. So without scratching your head, read on to this blog in order to find out the novel return gifts for your toddler's birthday party.

  1. Books: Books are the best thing you can give as return gifts to children of any age. Books come in all ranges, covering all sorts of topics catering to each age group. For your toddler's little friends, you can gift books with pictures, textures and buttons in them so they can have some fun time learning
  2. Simple puzzles: Toddlers these days have dexterity to solve simple puzzles with large pieces to be fixed aptly. Try to get puzzles of common objects like vehicles, animals, fruits and many more to be given as return gifts for you toddler's friends
  3. Crayons and colouring books: We know how these little ones think of the walls and floor to be their canvas and have a great time in colouring them, displaying their creativity. You can thus gift them with crayons and colouring books where they can display their art work, which will be limited only to the paper and prevent their parents from scrubbing the excess chalk colours from the walls
  4. Photo frames: There are a number of photo frame available today with children centric theme. If you have a cartoon theme birthday party for your child, get photo frames according to the theme of the party to be given as return gifts. The parents of your child's friends can go home and put a picture of their little one as a memory from your child's birthday party
  5. Personalized towels: There are many stores offering personalized gift services that you can get in touch with. You can give away towels or handkerchief which will have the names of each individual little guests present in the party. Also a little cartoon drawn on the cloth will bring joy to the guests
  6. Magnetic letters: Gift a set of magnetic letters to your child's little friends who will enjoy making up their very own words by putting up them on the fridge while their mommies are busy handling the kitchen chores. This is also a great way of enabling the toddlers to learn alphabets and words
  7. Play dough: This wonderful item requires no introduction and can be put on your list right away. These little hands love to play and squish the dough while moulding them in to various shapes. It is also a great tool to develop the little one's imagination skills. You can buy the non-toxic or child friendly variety of the same
  8. Plastic vehicles and dolls: You can buy plastic vehicles or dolls for the little guests who will love to play with them often. But make sure you do not buy smaller versions of them which can lead to choking in small children as they tend to put everything and anything in their mouth
  9. Fancy bowl set: A cutlery set consisting of a spill proof bowl, a spoon and a sippy mug is the best return gift for your child's friends. These crockery's are available in various cartoon themes also which will sure make eating and drinking a fun time for them
  10. Stationary sets: If your child's friends are old enough to go to school, the best and useful return gift for them will be a set of stationary containing a pencil box, a water bottle and even a tiffin box. These items come in various colours and themes which will make the process of learning fun for them

Whatever your budget is, any of these items will fit in the same and you will now have nothing to worry about. Choose any of the items from the above given list and make your child's birthday a memorable one by sending off these tiny little guests at home with a smile on their faces.

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| Jan 28, 2018

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| Jan 29, 2018

you can gift succulents and small indoor plants as well.

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| Jan 31, 2018

I'm planning to gift a small gold fish in a fish bowl to the kids... I'm sure they'll be amused

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