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Role Of Citrus Fruit In Building Immunity

Huda Shaikh
1 to 3 years

Created by Huda Shaikh
Updated on Jan 08, 2021

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Every parent wants a happy and healthy baby. This makes it important to concentrate on boosting a child's immunity naturally to prevent him or her from falling sick at a drop of hat and also keeping him or her away from unnecessary medication that can be easily avoided.

Immunity is the way your body fights the foreign invasion it is subjected to every day. In children it is in a nascent stage and you as parents need to build it through.

  1. healthy diet like serving fruits and vegetables instead of junk food
  2. healthy habits like maintaining personal hygiene, washing hands before and after every meal, and after coming from outside.

Citrus fruits plays an important role in building immunity, watch the video here as Nutritionist Huda shaikh expains in detail .

Watch the entire video on Seasonal Changes- Build Immunity Through Foods

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