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Role of A Mother in Her Child’s Development

Urvashi Shah

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Mar 17, 2021

Role of A Mother in Her Childs Development
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Mother’s Day is that time of the year where we shower our mom with love and happiness. We buy gifts for her, treat her to an expensive dinner and take up the responsibility of handling the household chores for a day. Most of the times, all of these go up on social media with hashtags, inviting likes and comments, that make us boast of ourselves. If we’re broke, we shower her with hugs and kisses or simply make a hand-made greeting. Create Personalised Card with your mom & share it with friends & family.

But I feel this one day does no justice to our mothers for the kind of hard work and love they put in every day. Their job is a 24/7 gig, the one for which they don’t get paid for. Yet they raise us with unconditional love and make several sacrifices for us every single day. They don’t do it for recognition, they do it for us. This is why I believe that Mother’s Day should not be a one-day celebration but an everyday celebration for a lifetime.

How Mother Plays Vital Role in Child Growing & Development?

There is so much a mother does for her child. A mother’s role is essential for the development of her child in every manner. Here are some ways of how a mother plays a vital role in the life of her child -

  1. Bond of Emotional Attachment:

    As a primary caregiver, the child first bonds with his/her mother, which is why mothers leave a deep impact on her child’s overall development and well being. The mother and child relationship you create with your child during the earliest years will greatly influence the way your child behaves in social and emotional settings
  2. Teaching Trust & Security:

    The two very important life skills that a child learns from his/her mother is trust and emotional security. If your child trusts you, he/she will be confident and emotionally secure. You should always be around your child and provide him/her all the emotional support and encourage him/her to do better. Your encouragement and constant support will show your child that your love for him/her is constant, which in turn will make him/her more secure
  3. Be Sensitive:

    As a mother, there will be a number of times when things won’t go the way you planned them to be, which might make you lose your cool. But you should think from your child’s point too. Your child will learn a big lesson from you, which is being sensitive towards the need of others. If your child is wrong, try to explain him/her about the right thing
  4. Be Kind and Loving:

    The way you behave towards your child will have a lasting impact on him/her throughout life. Always be loving and caring towards your child, no matter how angry or sad you are. Your response to your child’s day to day activities and needs will show him the importance of being loving towards others. The way you speak to your child and others around you will teach your child about kindness and maintaining relationships with everyone in harmony
  5. Family:

    Your child will start learning about a family from you, especially the way you interact with all the members. Make sure you introduce your child to various family members by taking him/her to several social gatherings. You can make family time a regular affair at home
  6. Positive Attitude:

    Life is tough for sure, but how you handle your problems can teach your child about the importance of a positive attitude. Your response towards problems, small or big will show your child that having a positive attitude can help one overcome difficulties. You can be positive and teach your child to always be positive, thereby encouraging your child to learn from mistakes and grow
  7. Hard Work:

    You can teach your child the best about hard work. The hard work you do for your child’s development is the biggest example for him/her. Teach your child that working hard does make one tired at the end of the day but it sure brings peace and satisfaction
  8. Discipline & Routine:

    Your child will feel comfortable following a specific time pattern in his/her early years. You can show your child how effectively you can manage time and commitments by following a routine. Teach your child the importance of discipline for a balanced life


The role of a mother in her child’s development strongly influences social, emotional and overall development. It’s a tough world out there and the mama bear is just trying her best to protect her cubs. A mom’s job doesn’t end when one turns 18, it is a lifetime commitment that she does whole-heartedly. It is this type of lifetime commitment that makes me believe that Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day.

So, I thank my mom for providing me with this wonderful life, the best education, for putting food on my table every day and making the house a comfortable place to breathe in. I thank my mom for the unconditional love and support she has been giving me from the bottom of her heart.

From this day onwards, pledge to celebrate Mother’s Day every single day, thus, putting a cape on our regular yet extraordinary superhero who we lovingly call ‘Mom’.

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