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Tips & Tricks to Save Your Toddler From Mosquito Bites

Priyanka Chakrabarti
1 to 3 years

Created by Priyanka Chakrabarti
Updated on Jun 02, 2018

Tips Tricks to Save Your Toddler From Mosquito Bites
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Mosquitoes are a troublemaker everywhere and this season let me help you protect your toddler from those painful and sometimes dangerous mosquito bites. Mosquitoes dwell everywhere – from your garden to the roadside park, and even in your baby’s bedroom. And to keep your toddler safe from mosquitoes you need to follow some simple tips. After all, you don’t want diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya and the likes entering your home.

How To Protect Your Baby From Mosquitoes?

One stingy bite will cause redness, skin irritation and rashes on your toddler’s skin. And guess what, your little toddler is an easy prey for mosquitoes. So, it is very important, especially during this season to take the necessary steps to keep mosquitoes away from your home. Scroll down to find out how!

  1. Natural Way To Protect Your Toddler From Mosquito Bites –

    Lavender and tea tree oil are great insect-repelling agents. Mix few drops of either of these with water and spray generously in your baby’s bedroom to keep it mosquito-free! Also, the additional fragrance in the room will ensure your toddler sleeps peacefully at nights
  2. Clean House To Protect Your Child From Mosquito Bites –

    Do not keep stagnant water anywhere near or inside your house. This is the perfect spot for mosquitoes to breed. Regularly check for gutters and puddles. Once in a fortnight spray mosquito repellents to stop any breeding
  3. Screens, Nets Will Keep Mosquitoes At Bay –

    If you live in a place where there are many plants then make sure your toddler is sleeping inside a sleeping net. Also, you may use window screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house without compromising on the ventilation!
  4. Electronic Repelling Devices To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes –

    Now, electronic repelling devices release mosquito-repelling gases. These are chemically treated mechanisms and are effective in killing mosquitoes. However, you may alternatively use ultrasonic devices. These will ensure mosquitoes and other insects stay away from your home without emitting any chemically-induced gas inside the house
  5. Insect-Repelling Plants Come To The Rescue –

    The gorgeous Chrysanthemum plant is known to release Picaridin (it acts as a natural insect repellent). Put little planters of Chrysanthemum around your toddler’s bedroom to keep mosquitos at bay
  6. Choose The Right Colours For Your Toddler –

    It is said that mosquitoes are easily attracted towards dark and vibrant colours. So, during this season dress up your toddler in light, pastel-hued clothes like cream, beige, olive, plum and the likes. Do avoid black, red and other jarring shades

While using these tips, make sure your baby’s skin is never affected by any of these. So, us the right essential oil, or the right fabric. In fact, use the right chemical mosquito repellents to ensure your toddler does not get allergic problems or breathing troubles.

Was this blog helpful? If you have any other tips to protect your toddler from mosquitoes then do share in the comments section below.

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| Mar 06, 2018

a practical guide to protect out children from mosquito bites. these home remedies are readily available and very effective. thanks for sharing!

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| Mar 08, 2018

coconut oil is a anti microbial and anti inflammatory. So I apply coconut oil if mosquito bites my toddler. It immediately works to reduce itchiness and brings down the swelling letting no marks to develop on skin.

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| Mar 26, 2018

Thank you for reading the blog everyone!

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thank you very much mam

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| Jun 27, 2018

Nice article

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Thank u very much

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