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How to moderate screen time and daily routine for kids

3 to 7 years

Created by Kumkum
Updated on Sep 14, 2020

Reviewed by Expert panel

The COVID pandemic and the resultant lockdown has brought about a lot of changes in our lives. One of the major challenges for parents in this aspect has been to keep their children off the screens. After online school, in the absence of outdoor play and social interactions, most children are experiencing boredom and finding respite and entertainment in the form of online games and videos, be it mobile phones, tablet, computer or TV viewing. However, most of these screen based activities are a passive form of engagement and curtail a child's reasoning and learning. 

In this video, Kumkum Jagdeesh, a clinical psychologist shares different strategies for parents to reduce screen time. She recommends parents to have conversations with their child to talk about the pros and cons of excessive screen time. She also suggests ways to engage the child in activities and games, that stimulate his mind in terms of reasoning, logic, memory and strategy. Board games, reading books, puzzle solving, art and craft are some meaningful ways for children to indulge in. Along with that, parents can also involve children in structuring their day in the form of a daily routine and factor in their studies and other activities. This period has also a boon for parents to involve kids in household chores that can help them develop skills for independent living. All these activities can help a child spend lesser time on screen and engage in more meaningful pursuits as well as learn new skills.

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