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Should you breastfeed if you are unwell?

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Should you breastfeed if you are unwell

When it comes to deciding whether to breastfeed your baby or not, the answer is clearly in favor of breastfeeding. Experts, multiple studies, researches and even mothers themselves agree to the many benefits of breastfeeding their little one. Breast milk is a complete nutritional food for the baby and boosts immunity, helps in development and growth of the child, and also helps in the mother-and-child bonding.

But when the mother herself falls sick, what then? Should a mother continue to breastfeed despite being ill? In most cases, yes! Read on to find out more about breastfeeding your baby when you fall ill. Find the answers to these questions in the blog: 

  • Can I Breastfeed My Baby When I'm Sick?
  • When Should A Mother Who Is Sick Avoid Breastfeeding? 
  • How To Protect Your Breastfeeding Baby When You're Sick?

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Jolly Purkha

| Jul 10, 2016

My many doubts have been cleared. thank youso much

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Kriti Singh

| Jun 28, 2016

Its a good blog cleared many dought regarding breast feeding during illness and also solved the problem by suggesting feeding pumps.

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Sapna Chorghe

| Jun 26, 2016

very helpful blog.. actually m suffering from cold since last 2 days.. vl definitely mke sure o follow pts.. since i am bf mom

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Shikha Batra

| Jun 26, 2016

Very useful blog!I can relate to it. What a painful stage it is when it's difficult for a mother to decide and such thoughts keep coming to her mind 'Is she is doing more harm to the baby than good by feeding?' The blog has done away with many misconceptions. Thanks again!

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gangeshree mhatle

| Jun 23, 2016

Thank you... very informative blog... resently i was ill due to indigestion.... n was worried for feed... then tho i proceed to feed her.... without knowing the reaction.... but ths blog cleared my doubt... thanks a lot....

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