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Women's Day 2021 : Choose To Challenge

Urvashi Shah
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Updated on Mar 08, 2020

Womens Day 2021 Choose To Challenge
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Women's Day is globally celebrated on 8th March every year to honor women, around who revolve our lives. The contribution of women in society is remarkable and hence this day is chosen to honor them. 'Women' is just one word, which sums up every kind of emotion, from selfless love, to care and to nurture. A woman is a full circle in herself has the immense power to create, to nurture and to transform as she is the epitome of love, care and sacrifice. Understanding a woman is undoubtedly a mystery, which can be solved with perseverance and knowledge. The ability to give and nurture a life makes a woman the most powerful and strongest human being. Apart from that, she plays various roles, that of a daughter, sister, wife and a mother with much elegance and care. Such is the power of a woman! [ Mother's Story -  Are We Teaching Our Boys to Respect Women? ]

Women Then Vs. Women now

Women during the earlier times were not given the desired respect, yet they went on serving the society silently. Women had the power to bring the change, yet their voices went unheard and their presence was just secondary in comparison to the dominating male chauvinism existing. But since the earlier times, women have fought all odds to emerge as a winner and history is replete with all kinds of examples of courageous women such as Indira Gandhi, Rani Lakshmibai and many more. The list is just endless. Women now are more empowered and completely aware of their rights in society. With their sheer power, society has finally accepted the stand of women in everyday life. Society has been paving way for women in every sphere of life, from education to health care to jobs to politics and so on. The voices of women today are finally heard. [Know About These  -  8 Best Indian Women Idols to Look Upto in 2020 ]

The Relevance of the Women's Day Celebration

8th March is not just any day, but a day to appreciate and give respect to women all over the world as they are our essence of life. This day is chosen to honor the grit and sheer determination of women that they have showcased in every aspect of our lives. This day has been recognized by the United Nations General Assembly as a means of recognizing the contribution of women in the society. With an ever-increasing number in the participation of women in different profiles, women have proved themselves not to be equal, but to be superior to men.

A number of events are held across the world to celebrate this day to honor the women in our lives and to encourage them to be more courageous. It is a day to inspire women and promote gender equality, an issue that has ever been a target of controversy. Let us look at this day and honor the women who have struggled a lot and broken the barriers and reached the pinnacle of success in every sphere of life. Let us all take an oath this day, to open much wider avenues for the growth and development of women in society.

Say Happy Women's Day


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