"Single fathers" in news: Cheers to Karan & Tusshar!

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Updated on Jul 06, 2017

Single fathers in news Cheers to Karan Tusshar
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une 2016, we suddenly woke up to the news of actor Tusshar Kapoor becoming a father. Not married, not even dating anyone, Tusshar simply decided to opt for surrogacy and play a new role – that of a single father. While mainstream newspapers were criticised for splashing this news on front page, the news made quite a buzz nonetheless! Pictures of veteran actor Jeetendra (the grandfather) holding the baby went viral. Tusshar openly spoke how the modern medical marvel (surrogacy) made his dreams of fatherhood turn into a reality. While surrogacy has been adopted by many celebs, Tusshar was the first single father to opt for it in Bollywood.


But he is no longer the only one. 


Latest to join him is our very own gregarious Karan Johar, who announced the arrival of his twins – Roohi and Yash in February 2017.


Though Tusshar decided to stun us with his news, Karan actively took on to Twitter, sharing pictures of the beautifully designed nursery for his twins and thanking his best friend Gauri Khan for it, “…its my paradise!!Love you Gauri…”


The internet has been going abuzz with pictures of the two single fathers who have certainly not shied away from sharing their excitement and fears of fatherhood. 


Karan Johar said, “It’s daunting, exhilarating and shocking in my case…I have double role to play, be both father and mother…”


Tusshar Kapoor explained how overpowering was his parental instincts that he simply decided to go ahead and take up the responsibility of a single father. He said, “Lot of people adopt but I didn’t want to, I wanted to have my own child…”


In fact Karan Johar opened up about his fears when he learnt about complications with his premature twins: “…All I wanted to do is hold them and protect them…” He described the first moment of fatherhood how he simply cried seeing two pieces of him staring at him!


Interestingly, surrogacy and single fatherhood are not the only common threads joining these Bollywood biggies, their common close friend Kareena Kapoor Khan and her baby Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi are often seen visiting Tusshar’s son Laksshya and Karan’s twins Roohi and Yash. The two were spotted at Laksshay’s 1st birthday bash and going by popular belief, the interiors of Yash and Roohi’s nursery are very similar to that of Taimur’s nursery!


I personally think these men need to be applauded for embracing fatherhood with such natural and bold flair... it's time that fatherhood be liberated from the shadows of motherhood - and stand as an entity on its own. What do you think? Do you feel that Karan and Tusshar are making a strong statement for "fatherhood". I would love to have your thoughts... let's get talking... please share your comments below...


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| Jul 22, 2017

Anything can happen in this World....... keep your efforts to be Papa n mama as every parents yearns to know more about n learn many more things to let go on however condition it is ......we have to keep marching till they grow .But m sure both Karan and Tushar will also go through like many of us. Happy parenting Heroes.

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| Jul 07, 2017

surprise about their stories. thanks for the updates.

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| Jul 07, 2017

A child can have both parents - mother and father yet grow up with emotional issues. I think the most important thing for upbringing is love, care and suppprt. If modern medicine can help people become parents why shy away from it?

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| Jul 07, 2017

A child need both father and mother. Boy or a girl need the love and affection of a mother. Emotionally those kids will be affected when they came to know they don't have a mother not even in a photo, science and technology is growing but we should use it when it is at most important or critical time. if this becomes a cultural everyone will start follow it and most of them can't continue it till the end which will affect many kids. and also the value of women the value of our culture and the value of our tradition will slowly fade away.

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| Jul 07, 2017

Actually you don't need to be a female to take care of a child or love like a mother. It is an emotion, sometimes missing even in a woman and some times, very much present in a man.

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| Jul 06, 2017

No body can takecare a child like a mother do.. Surrogacy is a option for those who hav problems in conceiving ....

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