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Sleepover Party Games For Your Tween

Mansi Dubey
7 to 11 years

Created by Mansi Dubey
Updated on Sep 13, 2021

Sleepover Party Games For Your Tween
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It’s summer! And with summer comes the meetups that last overnight. Your tween must have wrapped up his/her exams and must be super excited to spend time with their friends. Because there’s no pressure of exams or going to school the next morning, none of your excuses are going to stop them from spending some quality time with their friends and basically giving you a headache. But, hey, you can always count on us to make it less easy for you. What’s better than getting involved with the kids and enjoy your time as well? Here are some sleepover and slumber party games for tweens that they would enjoy

  1. Truth and Dare

    The classic truth and dare is a really fun game for everyone. Ask your tween and his/her friends to sit in a circle and roll a bottle in the middle. In front of whoever the bottle stops have to choose between truth or dare. If the child chooses truth he/she will have to answer a question with all honesty, and if she/he chooses dare, then the kid will have to perform a task
  2. Pass the orange

    In this game, make two teams, where members of each team have to sit around a table with their hands at the back. You will need to put an orange in front of the first person and then the game begins. The team member has to pass the orange to other team member using only his/her chin. Whichever team manages to pass more oranges in a given time wins. Don’t forget to keep the timer on
  3. Treasure hunt

    This game is filled with excitement. You need to take a prop which the tween and her friends need to look for using clue provided to them. Try and make easy clues, which connect one clue to the other, write them down on a small piece of paper, and hide in different places. The clues must lead the kid to the prop. Offer the winner a gift which will make this even more exciting
  4. Pictionary

    For this drawing game, you will need a small whiteboard/blackboard, chalk/marker. This is a guessing game, in which a duo (team of two) perform a task. One person draws what the host asks them to and the other person has to guess what has been drawn on the board. It’s a really fun and creative game. You can ask them to draw food like – fish and chips, bread and butter or anything that would make it difficult to guess
  5. Transfer the candy

    Give every kid a bowl of lightweight candies, you can use marbles or gems and a straw. Everyone has to suck the candy using the straw and put it into another bowl. Whoever manages to take out more candies within the given time wins the game

These are some of the fun and exciting games that we recommend for a sleepover and slumber party. I hope your tween and her/his friends enjoy playing these. Do let us know if you try any of these fun games.

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| May 07, 2018

quite interesting ideas!!

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| May 16, 2018

very nice indoor activities...

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MkkxZeth @

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