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How To Teach Current Affairs To Your Child?

Swapna Nair
3 to 7 years

Created by Swapna Nair
Updated on Oct 26, 2020

How To Teach Current Affairs To Your Child
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It is sad that we ‘study’ current affairs’. It is a subject widely circulated as ‘GK or general knowledge’. There is a teacher assigned to take the class. Most teachers merely conduct quizzes and the end result is that there are very few takers.

One cannot converse ‘physics, chemistry, math’ in a social gathering. In most office interviews, in IAS /civil service preparations knowledge on current affairs is crucial. With amusement I watch students turn to newspapers in the last minute. Recently at a gathering I noted that most people did not have much to converse about. I was more appalled when people were busy comparing notes on WhatsApp forwards. Some jokes, some politics and politicians are the only subjects discussed. Don’t we admire people who can talk or carry discussions on various subjects?

10 minute talks -Everyday create a 10 minute ‘after dinner’ conversation time. Sit together as a family. As the parent you can bring in a topic and encourage children to contribute. Keep in mind not to make it like a lecture. Also no sarcasm or nagging if they contribute what is not expected. Do not exceed the time. Gradually everyone will look forward to the ritual. Have the after dinner fruit/dessert during this time to make it light hearted.

The 5 Day Chat Method 

Use Monday To Friday For This Ritual.


Allow each member to bring up a topic, however young or old the member may be. Allot preparation time too. Do not limit the subject of the topic too. Music, dance, art, books, authors, flora, fauna, nature, hobbies- oh it is an endless list. Guide the members on how to prepare too.

Have a bottle or box where children can put in topics for discussion. Either pick out a topic and begin conversing. Or pick a lot at the end of ten minutes. Someone can prepare for the next day.

Preparation –

this is very crucial. This ritual should not become a tedium for the children. Rather it has to be casual and fun. Hence how they use media is important to gain information. Parents can set the example. Watch different news channels to get varied information. Similarly read all sections of the newspaper. Buy a different newspaper on the weekends to have a variety. Each newspaper comes with a supplement copy. These supplements can be a storehouse of information. If you do not buy a newspaper, you could use the e-paper. Most neighbourhoods have their free local copies which give us knowledge about the neighbourhood.

Spend 25% of your internet time on current affairs. This way you set a good example. Discussion on varied topics will begin to flow.

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Set rules –

Setting rules help in having an interesting and healthy debate and discussion. Encourage humour. Avoid sarcasm, hurtful teasing and emotions getting in the way. Give credit to preparation. Children tend to do last minute preparation so be cautious about paying compliments. If you tell our child, ‘ you have done pretty well for a last minute preparation / without any preparation you were able to talk..’ you are creating a fixed mind set. Rather when you tell, ‘ hey I saw you checking out this information. Good effort’ then you are nurturing a growth mind set.

Once your family gets rolling, invite friends or neighbours over for a conversation and coffee!


  1. You are setting a good example
  2. Your family is using time productively
  3. As a family you begin to communicate better and establish better rapport
  4. Listening and speaking skills are built
  5. Children learn ‘how to’ gather information
  6. Debating and discussing objectively
  7. Language and vocabulary improves
  8. You are building values – empathy, proper effort, peace, conflict resolution, time management, secularism etc.
  9. You are creating a ‘learning’ environment
  10. This will pave the way for public speaking too
  11. This will come of use when your child needs to prepare for admission/ job interviews/ civil service exams etc.
  12. You and your family would become the life of a gathering!

So go ahead and chat, talk and discuss.

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i came across dhruv tara... very interesting concept

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My daughter is in u. k. g. she is good. but don't understand her mind .

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