So who wants to sleep?

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Updated on Dec 02, 2015

So who wants to sleep
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There will hardly be any mom here who hasn't faced sleep challenges. Do you doze off while making your baby sleep. Here's one sweet mommy confession. 
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| Dec 04, 2015

Hi baby is almost 3 yrs and no matter how tired she is ...she just refuses to sleep. She wants to play play and play ...all d time... any tips ?

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| Dec 05, 2015

hahahahaha... it is same with both my daughters. one is 7yrs and other is 1. we both take each to different room to make them sleep only to find some shouts which awake us and find they both playing and we two dozed off.... hahahaha

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| Dec 16, 2015

From my experience with my two kids, I can say that, if they are tired enough, they'll sleep without any effort. But to make them that tired is very tiring :) . Moreover, every kid has different way of sleeping. The effort of a parent wanting to make their kid sleep should be focused keeping their way of sleeping in mind. Having said all that, yes its very necessary to keep both the kids apart while both of them are going to sleep, else ... WHO WANTS TO SLEEP?

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| Dec 30, 2015

Its the same case with my 6 year old son. So, my technique is first I will play some soothing song. Then I will ask him to lay down on the bed and ask him close his eyes till the song ends. If he opens his eyes before the song ends, he needs to play this game for one more song. It is very tough to convince him for this game, but it really works, if he agrees to it. 80% of the time, it will work... :)

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| Jan 04, 2016

Hey my 6yrs daughter otherwise she is scared of darkness but when it comes to sleeping time v go to sleep but she gets frm her bed at nite and she can play something in so darkness

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