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Spices In Baby Food – What, When & How To Add?

 Huda Shaikh
1 to 3 years

Created by Huda Shaikh
Updated on May 11, 2018

Spices In Baby Food What When How To Add

Our Indian market is filled with different herbs and spices. In fact India is known for the different spices it offers ranging from turmeric till cinnamon each spice is used widely and at a very large scale in most of the Indian kitchens and food products manufactured in India. However adding spices and herbs to your child’s food still remains a big question. So it’s time to let you know which herbs and spices you can add to your little ones diet and when. So let’s get started!

While it is easy to spice up our diet, spicing up your little ones diet could be a task. Hence there is a time-frame which you need to follow as a mother in order to ensure that your child is adapting to the new change well. Also the herbs and spices not only spice up our food but are also used to treat various ailments, hence benefits all the way long.

The Time-line For Feeding Your Baby Is As Follows-

  1. 6 months exclusive breast-feeding only
  2. 7-9 months weaning phase/semi-solid foods
  3. 10-12 months solid foods

Which Spices Should Be Given To The Baby?

Every spice has a peculiar taste and has been endowed by various benefits. Hence you must add every spice available in the market but make sure it’s pure and is added in minimal quantities. Most importantly each spice is great in boosting your child’s immune system and has medicinal properties.

When To Give Spices To Your Little One ?

Most parents are confused as to which time is appropriate to give spices to little ones. There are different types of spices like mild ones,aromatic ones and hot ones. Once your child is on complementary feeding wait for some time before you add spices to his/her meals. Mild and aromatic spices like nutmeg,cinnamon,turmeric,saffron,cardamom ,mint and coriander can be added once your little one turns 7months old.Simply add a pinch to dal soup/rice kanji or home-made cerelacs.Add appropriate amounts since less would not impart any taste and more would be harmful. Rest of the spices like star anise,black pepper,cumin,ginger,garlic,mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds should be added only post 9 months.

Here Are Few Spices & The Time-frame They Can Be Given-

Cumin seeds- Cumin seeds are little seeds which are aromatic but have a strong taste. These seeds should be added only post 9 months of age.

It can help with colic, boosting immunity and can improve your little ones digestion. Add it to purees and dals. Turmeric- Turmeric is a yellow colored spice which goes well with almost most of the foods. Be it boosting the immune system, helping in digestion, treating skin ailments it can do it all. Add this to your baby’s food once he/she turns 7 months old. Garlic- Garlic is a powerful spice which is blessed with antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Enriched with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C it can be great for your little one. Add this to your little ones diet post 7 months. So whether it’s improving digestion, supporting the immune system, fighting infections and reliving stomach ache garlic is actually the best! Mustard seeds- Mustard seeds are tiny little black coloured seeds which go well with tadka’s. However did you know it can help in better digestion ? So what are you waiting for ? Once your little one is 8 months old this pungent yet strong spice can be added to your child’s diet.Add it to dals,sambar and khichdi,it’s simply yumm.

Fenugreek seeds-Fenugreek seeds or methi seeds can be added to your little ones diet ones he/she turns about 8 months old.It can help in digestion and can treat cold and cough. It can be added to khichdis and soups.

Coriander- Coriander is an aromatic herb as well as a spice which is used widely in our kitchens for adding flavor to our foods. However it is great for the tummy and helps during indigestion. It can relieve gas issues in your baby and also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Add it when your little one turns 8 months old.

How To Add Spices To The Little One’s Diet ?

  1. You can use ½ a clove of garlic on ½ inch of ginger while boiling dal or chicken
  2. Add a pinch of turmeric,cumin and coriander to dals,khichdis,sambar and lentils
  3. You can use 1/4th tsp of mustard and cumin for tempering dal or sambar or a khichdi
  4. A pinch of cardamom,nutmeg and cinnamon can be added to kheers or rice and fruit puddings
  5. Herbs like coriander and mint can be added to dals,khichdis and mashed veggies
  6. You can add a pinch of black pepper and red-chilli post 10 months of age

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