8 Ways to inculcate spiritualism in your child

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3 to 7 years

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8 Ways to inculcate spiritualism in your child
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Inculcating spiritualism in children is very important for their soul and mind. There is never too late to make your child spiritual yet being naive to the religious cycles wrapping us all. Being spiritual and religious are quite different from each other. Though I am not a hard core religious individual and inclined towards freedom of thoughts, that doesn't stop me from being spiritual and god loving.

What Is Spiritualism?

In simplest words, spiritualism means belief in god. It may be defined as believe in circle of life after death and the spirits of the dead. Many spiritualists consider it as an responsibility for life circumstances with infinite intelligence. People tend to get confuse over being spiritual and not religious.

How Being Spiritualist And Being Religious Differ?

The truth of matter is that spirituality is perhaps one's own conscious and self recognition. It is one's belief in body with a soul of infinite powers. It is based on love and not fears. There are no rules to follow as in religions. If religion tells you the truth, spirituality helps you discover it.

In a way being spiritual fosters love and inner rejoice. So it is surely a good way to help your child discover the inner peace and joy in life.

Why Spiritualism Is Important For Your Child?

Here are some reasons why spiritualism is important for your child.

  1. Spiritualism helps your child build strong connections with family and community. They understand the values and morals of family and try to stick to them. This gives them sense of responsibility towards society and make them contribute lovably
  2. Personal sense of commitment towards self and others life. Spiritualism help child to value life. They adopt sincerity from the very beginning with spirituality
  3. Spirituality help them clarify their beliefs and channelise the actions accordingly. Being spiritual give them insight to repercussions of every good and bad deed. Like many a times I ask my child to do good, if he seeks blessings from his favourite lord
  4. Spiritualism is a sense of better insight. Thus make your child feel confident and self determined. They can take situations with better perspective during the upcoming challenges
  5. Positivity and good thoughts are fostered by spiritualism. A god loving child will be more compassionate towards family, friends and countrymen
  6. Spiritualism in a way paves the way for building a better individual who believes in power of loving and respecting others. Which is a core value we want our young children to imbibe

Why Is Important to Teach Our Child About Spirituality?

As a parent, our role in imparting spiritualism is very crucial. Never think it's too early or too late to start with it. Even a 3-year-old is capable enough to understand right and wrong. World is full of discussions and arguments over spiritualism, so any how your child will get to the know things. So better you spin your ideas before they imbibe from others.

8 Ways To Inculcate Spiritualism In Your Child

Here are the simple 8 ways through which you can inculcate spiritualism in your child.

  1. Follow a tradition at home: As the first school of thoughts come from home. So start following a spiritual routine. Like lighting a diya, enchanting mantras will make your child realise them as a natural part of life. The traditions could be non religious like distributing food on signals or serving elderly people around
  2. Encourage spiritual reads: Reading good thoughts together and aloud, helps in generating good thoughts. So offer your child; bible or gita alternatively. Every philosophy has good things to imbibe. Even spiritual cartoons could be a fun options for screen freaked children
  3. Capitalise on grandparents’ company: Ask your child to follow grandparents routine on spiritual grounds. Old tales and believes from elders are helpful in raising open questions and discussions. The short stories from them help in giving better insights. They will love to follow what Amma or nani did
  4. Use daily tasks to inculcate spiritualism: And this can be done with very small actions from your child. Ask them to pot a plant, take care of pets and develop respectful behaviour towards elders. This will create a rich sense of liking towards spiritual life in young minds
  5. Join a community of services or volunteer organization: Children will adapt a good habit of sharing and caring by associating with these communities. Be an active member of these firms and ask your child to accompany in distributing woollens to needy or helping poor get shelter. They will learn the wisest lesson of spirituality this way
  6. Try to generate curiosity and answer their questions: Children are pool of anxiousness. They will ask you about devils, angels, souls and simply where the ancestors have gone. It's not necessary to answer everything but be honest and try to find simple links and answers. Toddlers have a tendency to ask obvious things, so be generous with building tails and mountains
  7. Indulge in spirituality with fun: Religion and spirituality are subjects of seriousness with an element of fun. So try to make the learning joyful with painting lord, singing prayers or dancing on favorite hymns. The initial age of a child is too sensitive to mark imprints. So do it with more delicacy
  8. Capitalise on spiritual side of holidays: Celebrate all festivals and different cultural events with same enthusiasm. Affiliate to social servings on these occasions to infuse special bond for them in your child's mind. Growing comfortable with serving others is remarkable thing in parenting with spiritualism. Help them learn, serving selflessly

When And How Should I Talk About Spiritualism To My Child?

It is indeed important to delicately handle the issue of spiritualism. Always prefer open communication with your child. Feel free to share your opinions. What you feel, what you follow. This will help your child have clear perspective towards family tradition and believes.

The age of 3 to 7 years is the best to inculcate lifelong values. So teaching morality there and then is best we can follow. Before you adopt the subject of spirituality, please be aware with following.

  1. Start early: A few months old infant has good senses to understand positive and negative in surroundings. So never think the teachings are going nowhere. They will be questioned and talked about later in life
  2. Teach to respect all religions: It Is very necessary that every child is modest to accept the values, each religion preach. They shall respect all and follow what they like
  3. Spiritualism shall not be forced: Don't push your toddler or child to follow what you want. Let them accept and imply. Encourage them meeting people with different believes and thoughts to understand with an example
  4. Child should be god loving, not fearing: They shall love god as they love their grandparents. Whether they are close or away, love and respect always prevail for them. Similarly, omnipresence of god can be taught to children referring to grandparents
  5. One God one power: Never forget to foster the thought of one god one power. Nothing in the world is as powerful as him
  6. Start small: Small Keep taking small steps to expect bigger outcomes. Remember, educating spirituality is a gradual process that many leaders are still aiming to achieve./li>

Toddlers and young children are the ones who easily accept the things they cannot see and live entirely for the moment. Though they seem bit young for concrete talks but mentioning them about God, good deeds and spreading love, can easily solve the purpose of imparting spiritualism in them

Share short stories from mythology to the real anecdotes of personal experiences, let them sail in their own world of considerations. Doing simple things will surely help them develop a strong opinion on spiritualism. Your efforts will definitely help them be a wise person with fair decisions in course of life.

Did you like the blog on how to inculcate spiritualism in your child? Have you yet introduced the concept of spirituality to your child? If yes, how did you do it? If not, do you plan to do it? If yes, then when? Share your thoughts and views with us in the comments section below as we would love to hear from you.

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| Dec 21, 2017

nice block very interesting thanks for sharing

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| Dec 21, 2017

I completely agree spirituality should not be forced on to children.. we can practice ourselves and wait for the child to adopt it on its own. though we can talk about God and mythology with our children but making them pray three times a day and follow family's tradition won't make any sense until they imbibe the essence of doing it.. thanks for sharing it!!

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| Dec 21, 2017

Great blog. Nowadays this is something that is lacking in today's generation. Most of children are least interested in praying and all religious activities. One can not force them to follow spiritualism but yes its duty of parents to explain them about this.

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| Dec 21, 2017

very nice article . completely agree

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| Dec 23, 2017

good article

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| Oct 01, 2021

There are no rules to follow as in religions. If religion tells you the truth, spirituality helps you discover it. - Concrete Contractors

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