Sputnik V Vaccine To Be Available In India

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Updated on May 14, 2021

Sputnik V Vaccine To Be Available In India


The first batch of Sputnik V Coronavirus vaccine has reached India and as per reports, will be available in the market by next week.

Dr. VK Paul, Member-Health of Niti Aayog also added that Sputnik V shall be produced in India starting July, expected to produce 15.6 crore doses of the Russian Covid Vaccine. 

Hyderabad-based Dr. Reddy's Laboratories is the Indian Partner of the Russian Vaccine. 


More than 2 billion vaccines doses to be available in India

More than 2 billion doses of vaccines against the novel coronavirus are expected to be available in India between the months of August and December this year.

These include AstraZeneca's vaccine, produced in India by the Serum Institute of India, and Covaxin, made by Bharat Biotech.


3 vaccines approved to be sold in India

Any Covid-19 vaccine that is approved by FDA, WHO can come to India.

As of now, 3 vaccines have been approved to be sold in the country.

- Covaxin

- Coveshield

- Sputnik V

Sputnik V has 91.6% efficacy and was the first vaccine against coronavirus in the world.

Clinical trial data published in The Lancet indicated that the Covid-19 vaccine "appears safe and effective".


According to WHO, "Equitable access to safe and effective vaccines is critical to ending the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is hugely encouraging to see so many vaccines proving and going into development."

The World Health Organization is working with different partners to develop, manufacture and deploy safe and effective vaccines. 

However, WHO also emphasizes that we must continue wearing masks, cleaning our hands, ensuring good ventilation indoors, physical distancing and avoiding crowds. 

There is ongoing research on how much vaccines protect not only against disease but also against infection and transmission.



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