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How To Stay Healthy Post Delivering A Baby

Urvashi Shah
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How To Stay Healthy Post Delivering A Baby
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Once your baby is born, the period post delivery is referred as post partum period and usually last for about 6 to 8 weeks until the mother’s body comes back to the post pregnancy stage. This post partum stage involves the mother’s body going through a number of changes, physically, emotionally and mentally. On the other hand, the mother also needs to adapt to the changes and adjust herself to the new mother that she is now. Along with taking care of the new born, after delivery care for mother highly appreciated. It is very important on how to take care of health after baby birth as whatever the mother eats or does has a direct impact on the infant that depends up on her for survival.

Tips to Stay Healthy After Baby Delivery

Below are a few after child birth how to healthcare tips that you can follow in order to ensure your well being and that of your little one as well.

  1. Take Rest After Child Birth:

    After delivering the child a mother gets exhausted and requires rest that will also help her cope up from the physical stress she’s been through. Once the baby is brought home, everything changes and things have to be done as per the baby’s clock. Typically, a baby wakes up every 3 to 4 hours for feeding or diaper change and the mother has to be around him/her to provide the require necessity. This strives the mother of rest while she is also expected to look after the house. This is why a new mother needs ample of rest, which can be assured in the following manner-
    • In the initial few weeks, a new mother should be relieved of all the other household responsibilities other than looking after herself and her child
    • A new mother must catch up on her sleep every time the baby falls asleep
    • In order to save some time and avoid any hassles, the baby’s crib or bed must be kept in the mother’s room so that immediate feeding and other responsibilities can be handled without delays
    • Since relatives and friends will be pouring in to congratulate for the baby, a new mother can excuse herself to catch up on her sleep or look after the baby without feeling obligated
    • Taking enough rest isn’t sufficient. A new mother can spare a couple of minutes for herself every day to catch up on exercises for her health benefit
  2. Nutritious Diet after Baby Delivery:

    Since the mother’s body has gone through several changes throughout the process of giving birth, she needs not only rest but even adequate nutrition to recover. If the mother eats well and sleeps well, she will be able to provide the same to her child. Proper nutrition is essential since the mother will be lactating and has to provide milk for the child. Most lactation experts recommend that breastfeeding mothers should eat when they are hungry. Here are the kinds of food that a new mother should intake in her diet after pregenancy or delivering baby -
    • Grains such as wheat, rice, oats, barley and cornmeal must be included in the daily diet
    • Vegetables such as the green leafy ones and legumes have to be included in the diet to ensure good health
    • Fruits or fruit juice are important as long as they are fresh and do not contain additional sugar. Canned fruit juice must be avoided and fresh can be made at home
    • Dairy such as milk, yogurt and other milk products are essential in maintaining good health so your child’s overall well being is taken care of
    • Proteins can be drawn from foods such as nuts, seeds, fish, peas and beans. So include ample of those in your diet. These are some of the foods to eat after your delivery that will help you get back in to your pre-pregnancy body while also help you ensure your child’s well being

Apart from these things, exercising is very important to maintain yourself physically. Although most mothers want to lose their pregnancy weight quickly, extreme dieting and rapid weight loss are a few techniques they adopt that can be hazardous to your health and to your baby's if you are breastfeeding. It can take several months for a mother to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy.

Along with well balanced diet, new mothers should also increase their fluid intake by having more of water, milk and fruit juices. If you need a helping hand, you can seek the same from experienced mothers, your relatives and even friends who will not mind to give you the needed support since you might be experiencing this for the first time.

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