Stop comparing mommy!

Baljeet Kaur
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Stop comparing mommy

However conscientious a parent we might be, comparing our child to another, sometimes just happens! But how can we overcome this damaging habit. A pro-parent shares 7 tips on how to stop yourself from comparing your child with another and instead work on boosting self-image of your child.

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| Aug 16, 2016

very true

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Shalini Beepyata

| Apr 25, 2016

Very true

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Yogita Datir

| Jan 07, 2016

Really true ....appreciate them

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archana j

| Dec 05, 2015

ya this is true. but sometime if we show them other children they will get the motive to learn as children always compete with others. i personally feel some competition is good if it is positive and constructive. we should teach children to complete but not to envy. it is ok if they fail but they should always have target in life as motivation. it all depends how u convey and how they understood..

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Ujwala Pawar

| Dec 03, 2015

Very true never every compare your kids with other because as you said every child is unique. The most important thing is they learn by observing things around them so create that positive environment around them and you can see the changes.

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