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This Summer Vacation Watch These Movies Your Teen

Akshita Iyer
11 to 16 years

Created by Akshita Iyer
Updated on Sep 20, 2018

This Summer Vacation Watch These Movies Your Teen

Summer Vacations are probably the only days when you get to spend some leisure time with your child. It is easy if you have a vacation trip planned out but what if you haven’t? Sometimes, it can be pretty challenging to keep your child away from boredom, keep them engrossed in fun things at home and spend time with them. Watching movies together can be a fun way to bond as well as to teach them certain important life lessons. So here is the list of some movies you can watch with your teens this summer vacation.

  1. Harry Potter Series

    There is something magical about this series created by JK Rowling that gets its viewers hooked on to it. The series consists of eight fantasy films altogether. It’ll surely keep you and your child mesmerised for quite some time
  2. Bee Movie

    It’s a 2007 animated comedy movie about the life of bees. The movie is more than bees just making honey; it teaches a lot of important lessons about friendship, gratitude and portrays how a little disrupt created in the balance of nature can be harmful. This surely makes up for an amazing summer time watch for your teen
  3. Dolphin Tale 1 & 2

    These movies are based on a true story that revolves around a dolphin named winter that was rescued in December 2005 off the Florida coast, taken in by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and was fitted with a prosthetic tail. Both movies are heart-warming and teach to never give up
  4. Hotel for Dogs

    It is an American family comedy film based on Lois Duncan's 1971 novel of the same name in which two siblings who aren’t allowed to bring dogs home, take in 9 stray dogs at an abandoned hotel. The movie is sure to evoke some dog love inside you and your child and teach them some selflessness
  5. The Chronicles Of Narnia Series

    This series has three movies from the seven novels written by C.S. Lewis. It revolves around the life of children who get discover the world of Narnia through a closet and guided by Aslan, a wise and powerful lion that can speak and is the true king of Narnia. This fiction is a complete treat to watch
  6. The Angry Birds Movie

    This is an animated comedy based on the video game series of the same name; it shows how the birds get back their stolen eggs from the piggy island. The movie is sure to take your child on a laughter riot and teach them the important life lesson of never giving up!
  7. Ice Age Series

    The movie centers on a group of mammals surviving the Palaeolithic ice age. Five films have been released in the series so far. This is a wonderful series with charismatic characters and some unwavering optimism. It shows how you can find hope even in the most hopeless situation just by not panicking and believing in yourself

Make sure to watch these movies with your teens this summer vacation as they make up for a perfect combo of entertainment and learning. Grab a snack, turn that movie on and voila, enjoy!!

Did you like the movie bucket - list? Is there a movie you'd like to add to this list? Please do share with fellow parents in the comments section below; we'd love to hear from you!

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| Apr 20, 2018

Great list! I've enjoyed some of them with my daughter too. This is one of great way to bond with your kids. I was just spending time with my friend’s two step-daughters, and they really bonded with me in just one day because I actually spent time with them and asked them questions about their life. I think many parents forget how important just listening and being interested is. All you have to do is make your kids feel like they’re really important and be interested in their lives. A great way to bond is by learning together too… here’s a cool site: www. preparemykid. com

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