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Swimming With Your Child & Precautions

Geethica Mehra
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Updated on Oct 19, 2020

Swimming With Your Child Precautions
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During summers, the first thing that comes to our mind is heat! The climate becomes so unpredictable that we always want to be near water or drink as much water as possible. We keep looking for different options to keep ourselves cool. And the best is to swim. Being a mother to two, it is not easy to take out time for just yourself and enjoy what you love. In fact it is best to swim with your child.

Tips For Swimming With Child

Swimming is great when accompanied with children. But there are few tips to simplify swimming with kids.
  • Check the temperature of pool water yourself before you let your child go in. The temperature should neither be too hot nor too cold. Watch them for few minutes when they start swimming. If they shiver, immediately bring them out and wrap them in warm towels. Hug them and make them comfortable
  • While taking precautions for kids, do check the chlorine content in the water. It should not be high that may burn the child’s skin
  • Remember to give your child a clean water bath to wash off all the chlorine from the body. Then apply a good moisturizer or probably a sunscreen
  • The tiles around the pool are often slippery. Teach your child to be careful while walking on them. This is one of the major tips for swimming with child
  • The child should not have their meal just before swimming. There should be a gap of at least 3-4 hours before they swim
  • Also, be prepared with interesting snacks as they would be very hungry as soon as they finish

When Can Baby Swim For The First Time?

This is an on-going concern whenever a mom wants to get back to swimming and her child is not old enough. According to sources, a child can start swimming as early as 6 months old. It is mostly advisable to take proper swimming lessons for babies before you start. We may not be aware of precautions to be taken while giving swimming lessons to babies and toddlers.

Why Should We Introduce Swimming To Our Child?

  • Familiarity with water- Swimming teaches your child to be comfortable in and around water. In any case of emergency, they will not panic instantly
  • Fitness- Major Body muscles are used while we swim. It is the best aerobic activity to keep the heart pumping. There are low chances of injuries in water
  • Health- It keeps a check on child obesity that may lead to juvenile diabetes also
  • Confidence and motivation- There are so many fun activities to be done in water while you swim. But you need to be confident with your swimming lessons to enjoy the most. When you try hard and succeed, your motivation levels become high

Being a mother is a tough job, I am sure every mother agrees to it. But the fun part is that we have the ability to break complex things into simpler and enjoyable activities.

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