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Take your child on a historic ride this summer

Megha Thakur
7 to 11 years

Created by Megha Thakur
Updated on Jun 01, 2020

Take your child on a historic ride this summer
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India has a rich heritage, but unfortunately our children are still unaware of a lot. Not many kids know that India is home to some of the most beautiful and historical forts because whatever knowledge they have is limited to the information provided by their GK or history books.

Here are the 4 forts that I believe children should definitely visit this summer:

1) Mehrangarh Fort: Situated in Jodhpur, Rajasthan this fort is over 500 years old and is also one of the largest forts in our country. It is interesting for kids because it has 7 gates specifically created by each of the 7 Rajas. Apart from that, the fort houses several decorated palaces like the beautiful Sheesh Mahal and Moti Mahal. There’s also a great museum inside.

 2) Gwalior Fort: Made by Rana Man Singh Tomar this fort is located in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. It also has a Saas Bahu Temple, Gujari Mahal, and the Man mandir.Its wonderful architecture has made it one of the top forts in India, and an important reason why it should be shown to your kids.

#ParentuneTip: The Gujari Mahal has a museum reflecting the ancient past of this state.

3) Chittaurgarh Fort: Another one in Rajasthan, it is extremely vast and a favourite for foreign visitors. This fort was known as a water fort as it contained some 84 water bodies—only 22 are still present though. This fort is also the famous for hosting the Jauhar Mela, so you could try and take your kids to see it at that time.

4) Golconda Fort: This fort was built by the Kakatiya kings and is famous for its majestic architecture and imposing structure. Widely popular for its military architecture, this fort is counted among the seven wonders of Hyderabad region.A visit here will give you an idea about how military operations were executed!

So get set, pack your bags and plan a trip to any one of these beautiful places. Let your child learn about the beauty of the country they are living in by introducing them to different parts of India.

Where are you taking your child this summer? Are you visiting any of these forts? Let us know in the comments below!

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nyc suggestions

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nice approach

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