Taking Care of an Infant with a Cleft Palate—a Mother’s Note

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Taking Care of an Infant with a Cleft Palatea Mothers Note

While the joys of parenting are many, the challenges are equally many. Here, a mother shares her own experience, of the high and lows of her parenting journey and how she coped with the information that her child has a cleft palate. She also shares her experience of dealing with it, the surgery and post-surgical care. A very reassuring and informative blog.

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Sunny Chellan

| May 09, 2017

Thank you for sharing your story. it gives us strength to face it.

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dream K

| Apr 30, 2017

thanks for sharing your experience. it really helps mothers like us to deal with such situation

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prathyu vicky

| Apr 18, 2017

my baby also have palate. in which month your son speeking the words

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| Apr 22, 2016

Hats off.. inspiring..

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Neera Sharma

| Jul 08, 2015

Very well written Looking forward to more blogs from you

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Nidhi Khetarpal

| Jul 08, 2015

Very beautifully expressed. . Keep sharing your experience. . Good to know that all worked out well for your little angel... god bless you guys.. :-)

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