How to teach your child to share?

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How to teach your child to share
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Sharing is caring – how many times have you used this phrase with your child? And how many times has your child listened to you and shared his or her things with other children. Children need to be taught to share and as parents you need to teach them sharing. But before you do let’s see what is sharing for your child?

What Is Sharing For Your Child?

Sharing in simple terms means some from me and some from you. Sharing in broader sense means a joint use of things or play area. So sharing for your child will mean for him or her to share the toys, books or anything he or she is playing with.

Can I Teach Sharing To My Child?

Yes, you can teach sharing to your child in some simple easy ways. But before you teach your child the concept of sharing ensure that your child understands why it is important to share his or her toys or books with other children either in the neighbourhood or when you have friends-visit over to your place.

Why Is It Important For Your Child To Share?

It is important for your child to share because sharing teaches your child to be empathetic and to compromise. Sharing also teaches that when he or she shares his or her things; there is a double the joy in playing and interacting with other children.

8 Ways To Teach Sharing To Your Child

So now we have learnt what is sharing and can you teach sharing to your child. So now let’s see 8 easy ways to teach sharing to your child.

  • Teach them about selflessness: Before you teach your child about sharing teach him or her about selflessness. Teach your child if he or she shares the favourite toy, it will not harm the toy instead he or she will make a good friend.
  • Set a timer for sharing: If there are two children at home then set a time for both the children to play with a same toy. It so happens that the younger child needs the toy, the elder one is playing with. This is where the set time for each one of them will come into play.
  • Be a good role model: While you are teaching your child to share, be a good role model and share your things with your sister-in-law or even friends. Your child will see and learn from you that sharing is a part of life and it doubles the joy.
  • Plan ahead for play dates: If you are planning to have play dates at home ensure that you inform the parents to get couple of their child’s favourite toys. As children get attracted to new toys, he or she will realise that if he or she wants to play with his or her friend’s toys he or she need to share own toys with him or her.
  • Games are a good way to teach sharing: Play games like sharing mommy or daddy or even grandparents. Both the children can play with either you or daddy (who can be the uncle to the other child) to teach sharing to both the children.
  • Stories are another way to teach sharing: Narrate your child stories that emphasise the goodness of sharing and how it helped the protagonist to win battles because his neighbour shared his resources with him.
  • Opportunities to share: Create opportunities for your child to share his or her things with other children or even with other family members. If there is a chocolate bar; ensures that you tell your child to give one piece to everyone.
  • Don’t force your child to share: In case if your child is not willing to share don’t force him or her. It may happen that he or she is not ready to share. Give him or her some time and he or she will learn to share things with other children. Did you like the blog on how to teach your child to share? Share your views and feedback in the comments section below.
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    | Nov 07, 2017

    sharing doubles the joy. if a game is shared and played together by siblings it would be double the fun while playing alone would rob them of all the maaza. I am sure all parents and teachers try their level best to inculcate the habit of sharing in children but they would do it only when they are ready for it. thanks for sharing this useful blog with handy tips.

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    | Nov 10, 2017

    Wonderful blog...

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    | Nov 10, 2017


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