How To Give Your Child The Gift Of Your Time This Weekend?

Dr Reetika Inderjeet Juneja
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How To Give Your Child The Gift Of Your Time This Weekend
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Over the years, technology has become an inseparable part of your lives so much so that you handed over the gadgets to your child so that you can have a moment of peace yourself.

However, like everything else, technology has its both advantages and disadvantages and while advantages are quite infectious like staying in touch with long lost friends and relatives, homework help for your child among other things, it is quite unfortunate the disadvantages have effects that are long lasting. So how do you ensure that at least on weekends you can have some quality time with your family.

How To Ensure a Tech-Free Weekend With Your Family?

Planning a tech-free weekend with your family will not be a mammoth task if you know what you want to do with your time. Here are few things that you can do as a family.

  1. Going for an outing: Plan a small outing with your family. It can be a nearby park for a game of football or cricket or anything that your child prefers.
  2. Playing a board game together: You can also play a board game like ludo, chess, monopoly depending on the age of your child and his or her interest.
  3. Household chores are more fun when done together: Weekends are the time when you want to do some pending household chores like grocery shopping, or cleaning a cupboard. Involve your child in the activity and see how fun household chores will become.
  4. Clean and dust the home: Involve your child in cleaning and dusting at least he or she can dust his or her corner or room and feel proud of it.

What Are The Benefits OF Technology Cut-Down?

Oh yes, there are numerous benefits of tech cut-down and some of them are being listed below.

  1. More family time: As your gadget time is cut you have more time with your family. You focus more on them and learn more about them.
  2. Make memories: The time that you spent with your child while having meals or just playing with him or her will become a memory for tomorrow.
  3. Encourages imagination: When you are interacting with each other there is lots of storytelling and this encourages your child's imagination.
  4. Increases productivity: When your child is playing outside or with you and not absorbed in his or her smartphone or tablet he or she is increasing his or her productivity because the little minds are at work and observing and absorbing facts like how, when and what of things.

How Can You Ensure To Have A Tech Free Weekend?

Here's how you can ensure that you have a tech free weekend and enjoy some quality time with your family.

  1. No phone rule: Avoid using phone during family time, especially during meal times
  2. Prescheduled time for checking important mails: Schedule time for checking emails and social media. Schedule a time convenient to you either in the early morning, or afternoon or in the late evening
  3. Schedule the notifications: Put all notifications off for a specific time period daily. Every day for a certain period of time just put all the notifications off and let your phone also rest in peace as you spend some time with your family
  4. Engage your child in some game: Play some games that involves planning and strategizing so that your child is actively interested in the game and does not miss the gadget
  5. No gadget rule: On a weekend take say no to TV, Internet, mobile, games, kindle

These are few of the things through which you can spend some quality time with your child not only this weekend but every weekend henceforth.

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| Nov 23, 2017

a very pertinent blog keeping in mind present day involvement of families in gadgets in terms of time and energy. I am sure these suggestions would not only bridge the gap and bring members closer but would also make weekends productive.

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| Nov 26, 2017

Thanks for the kind words Shikha Batra

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