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Teenage Problems : Help Your Teenager Cope

Tasneem Sariya
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Updated on Sep 18, 2018

Teenage Problems Help Your Teenager Cope

We all know how awkward those gawky teenage years can be. Teenagers tend to be in a space where they are neither treated as small children nor as responsible adults. They struggle trying to find their footing and their identity and are prone to face myriad trials and problems.

Teenage Problems

Interestingly, teenage problems are like a circular trail, where one problem leads or is connected to another. Some of the common teenage problems include:

  1. A change in body image –

    Probably topping the teenage problem list, a change in their bodies and image makes teenagers feel most disturbed. Suddenly, they find themselves changing externally and losing their childhood innocent looks. This change in appearance and sexuality make them socially more aware and instill a sense of confusion as well depression
  2. Behavioral problems –

    Teenage behavior problem essentially means mood swings, obnoxious behavior, throwing tantrums and showing unwarranted aggression and irritation. The teenager succumbs to such behavior as a retort or answer to trying to stamp their authority. Other behavioral problems include depressed state of mind, sudden bouts of becoming recluse or quiet. These teenage attitude problems can be attributed to a change in hormones, change in body image, peer pressure and so on
  3. Bullying/Peer Pressure –

    Teenagers are highly influenced by their peers and what people around think about them. They may be bullied when they do not follow what their peers ask them to or because of their social status and appearance. Parents at times are unable to understand what their teenagers go through in their peer circles which lead to more parental pressure in turn, causing behavioral problems, depression and so on
  4. Bad Habits -

    Drugs, alcohol, sex – Teenagers are most prone to find themselves taking drugs, alcohol or unprotected sex, because they find these social taboos attractive and a way of rebelling. They also often resort to these as means to find some peace and cut off from everything else that they find disturbing or unbearable, such as, their images, peer pressure, parental pressure and so on
  5. Cyber Addiction –

    In today’s times it is extremely common to find your teenager online or on their gadgets all day long. This addiction can cost them their health, emotional well-being as well as expose them to all kinds of unwarranted, dangerous information

Though these are some of the major issues facing teenagers, there are many others such as, managing pressure of exams and studies, confusion over career choices, parental pressure to do well in studies or in social circuits, family conflicts and so on. However, you can help your teen cope with their problems. The teenage problems and solutions can be worked out with patience and guidance.

How To Deal With Teenage Problems

  1. It is important to keep communicating with your teenager. It may not mean giving lectures on morality and hard work but simple everyday conversations are important. The teenager should be made to feel that you care and are open for communication at all times
  2. Do not complain about your child in front of others or even in front of themselves. Lamenting their behavior, they low marks, their difficult behavior will only distance them more and enforce the negative attitude
  3. Encourage them when do something right or when they have an opinion about something. Let them participate in family discussions and lend a loving ear to what they might have to say. Allow them to be responsible in small ways and let them know that they are an important part of your life
  4. Give them their privacy; at the same time trust them to do the right thing. Build your confidence on your upbringing and do not doubt them. At the same time, keep an eye open for any suspicious behavior or moods that last more than required

Finally, remember that we all have gone through the stage of our teenage years. Be restrained and your child will grow out of this phase soon and blossom into a mature adult. As parents, you have to be loving, patient and stand by the teenager through these uncomfortable years.

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| Sep 23, 2018

really helpful..

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| Jul 09, 2018

keeping communication doors open with the teens is one and only solution. We have to friends to our kids who has to constantly guide them on all the paths

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| Apr 19, 2018

I’ve definitely had challenges with my kids, but something that has worked well for me is to take the time when they make a mistake and use it as a learning opportunity. I went to a site called www. preparemykid. com and they have a video that talks about how to teach kids life skills… In essence, I find out what mistake they’ve made; I often share a story about how I struggled with it; I relate why it’s important to something my kids find important; and then I let my kids talk about how they would do something different and we have a discussion. I’ve learned more about my two boys in the last 8 months than I thought possible!

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| Apr 11, 2018

thank you

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| Apr 10, 2018

I am facing same problems. Sometimes it becomes tough to handle. Thanks for sharing this blog. Very helpful.

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| Apr 10, 2018

Good. Thanks for sharing.

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| Apr 10, 2018

Great blog!

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