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10 Fun Ideas to Do with Your Teenager This Summer

11 to 16 years

Created by Bhavna
Updated on Oct 25, 2020

10 Fun Ideas to Do with Your Teenager This Summer
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When we talk about the bond between a parent and their teenage child then a whole lot of aspects come into play. The teenager who is now nearly an adult has his/her own opinions and preferences (mostly they are not shy of letting the parents know). The child has gone through many life-changing situations (at least the child believes so) that may have impacted the relationship that a child shares with the parent. Life as we know continues to evolve as each day passes.

Fun Options That You Could Do with Your Teenager

While I made a list of things to do with a younger child I also started getting ideas of fun stuff to do with a slightly grown up child. So here goes the list of 10 fun things that you could do with your teenager daughter:

#1.Making a Collage:

Where: At Home

Age Group: 12-18 years

Make a collage with your child with cuttings of inspiring words that the child may find in magazines or newspaper. This could then be hung in either the child’s room or the parent’s room reminding of what matters the most.

In cases where the parent child bond is under strain there could be another scenario where the parent and child could together make a set of two collages that displays what one expects of the other. Can you imagine, a collage by a child with words like “ Trust “, “Hurt”, “respect” would really go a long way for a parent to understand the child. While on the other hand when a Parent puts the words like, “ love”, “cleanliness”, “ Responsible” in the collage for the child, the child will get the message without getting into unpleasant arguments. Hanging the collage in the room would remind each what the other expects and may help strengthening the parent child bond.

#2. Introduction to Music:

Where: At home; using a computer or just buying a music cd

Age Group: 13-16 years

Music is believed to be a common language; it does not have the definitions of age or time. Introducing your child to your kind of music and appreciating  the music that your child may relate to may give you an insight into your child. You could simply burn a cd together and listen to songs. You could also introduce your child to songs that have inspired you and you never know these could in turn inspire your child through his/her difficult times.

#3.Swap Lives for a Day:

Where: Home / in an extra class / in the kitchen

Age: 15- 18 years

Did you not always want your child to know how tough life is and what about the child, the angst is always about how tough it is being a teenager. It could be as simple as the parent taking the child out for grocery shopping followed by a trip to the vegetable market and ending with making dinner for the whole family. One thing you ought to do is be ready to solve those math equations( and fail miserably :-) in some cases), go for the tennis class ( pant halfway through it and collapse... lol) and end the day with a 2 hour phone call about music or clothes.

If nothing else it will be a good reality check and you both may appreciate your own situation more the next time.

#4.Painting a Wall:

Where: At home / in the child’s room or the Parent’s room

Age Group: 13-17 years.

Now a day every paint shop had these various different gadgets that one could use to create beautiful patterns on the wall. You may end up killing two birds with one stone, your child’s room may get a makeover and the fun of painting and spending time together would be priceless.

#5. Do something that the other one likes:

Where: depends on what your child may come up with

Age Group: 14- 18 years.

You could ask your child of his/ her favorite activity and (even if you do not like, I know of my nephew took his mom to have a day at the paintball arcade… as apprehensive as the mum was to go, though she came back a bit sore but totally ready for round 2 J) do it together and then list one of your favorite activities and do it with your child. It could be something as simple as shopping, running, going to the gym together, cooking or simply cleaning up the attic.

#6.Makeovers are Always Fun:

Where: at the neighborhood salon

Age Group: 14- 18 years.

You could let your child decide your look, be it the haircut or the attire and you could do the same for your child. It will be so much fun to see yourself through your child’s eyes.

#7.Movie Date:

Where: At the nearby theater or home with a DVD

Age Group: 12-18 years

Book the tickets or rent a movie, which you thought you would see with your child when the right time came, (since s/he is a teenager) now. Complete the experience with a bowl of popcorn, hot dogs, chips and a lot of fun.

#8. Join a Class or Sport together:

Where: depends on the interests of your child.

Age Group: 14 - 18 years

It could be a guitar class or learning to play golf, this may require more than one sitting but doing it together with your child will definitely be an enjoyable experience and strengthen the parent- child bond .

#9.Take a Trip: 

Where: Somewhere near (preferably drivable distance)

Age Group: 14 – 18 years

It may be the best idea to bond, the road and the wilderness brings the best out of people. Nature has a calming effect and the time spent just listening to music or chomping on sandwiches will be great for the reconnection of the parent – child bond.

#10. Game Night: I Wish / I Want

Where: At Home

Age Group: 12- 16 years

I remember this game that we played when we were younger. It was, “ I wish”/ “I want” game. This usually happened on the terrace on a starry night (Ideally but can be done even in the drawing room or Balcony). Basically the game revolves around what the child and the adult wish and want in an ideal setting, one person starts it and the other has to finish it but either it has to be true or really funny. For example if the child started the game with – “I wish I had a bathtub of Ice cream”, the parent could finish the sentence with, “for you to take a bath in”… (Lets agree it is somewhat funnyJ.)

      Or on a serious note, you could get an insight on what your child longs for and you may get the added edge to do something about it.

      Once again on a very positive and hopeful note I wish you all have a great summer bonding with your children.


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| May 29, 2013

I had been waiting for this blog to come up.. will save me a lot of thinking this vacation.. thanks !

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| May 30, 2013

very good and thoughtful suggestions for parents .Must try.

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| Jun 13, 2013

Excellent share of ideas.... few on the list done already but each idea is a treasure of creativity fun n bonding... grt wrk.... looking frwrd to ur chirpy blogs!

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| Mar 26, 2014

very nice tips...

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| May 10, 2015

Great ideas

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| Apr 03, 2017

good set of ideas for rebonding

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| Apr 05, 2017

Very nice.

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| Apr 06, 2017

very well explained. these ideas are worth it. I m looking forward to start this with my precious two. Heartiest thanks :)

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| Dec 22, 2019


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