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That's How I Figured Out What's The Best Diaper For My Baby

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Created by Deenaz
Updated on Oct 31, 2018

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There is no other blessing as great as having a baby in your life and I have been on cloud nine ever since the birth of Ariana. The sleepless nights and a routine of feeding and changing nappies on and off keeps me busy all day but nothing compares to the joy of seeing my baby happy. But amidst all this, the only thing that kept me concerned was the rashes on my child from diapers. This concern grew bigger every day, which then made me switch to the New Pampers Premium Care Pants.

My rating for Pampers: 5/5

Looking after a little one takes a toll on any new mom and having your baby covered in rashes just makes the worry grow. So as soon as I got to know about the New Pampers Premium Care Pants, I immediately went to the store and grabbed one, I can now say, only to end up making a good decision. Being a mom, I would definitely recommend this to the other moms who would love to see their child free from rashes that are caused by the wetness of the diaper.

Usually, a mother is more worried about the material or fabric that the diaper is made of. This Pampers diaper pants come with cotton-like softness - my baby’s skin never got a gentle diaper like this before. Earlier, my baby used to cry out of uneasiness caused by the diaper. But that surprisingly isn’t the case with these Pants. This new diaper ensures his skin remains soft and dry.

What Pampers calls the 'air channels technology' is something very innovative I would say - it ensures a constant flow of air between the diaper and my baby's skin. Due to this constant influx of air, my child remains comfortable in the diaper, especially during the nights.

Mostly I had to check the diaper time and again to know if it’s time to change. But with the new Pampers Premium Care Pants, this has reduced to a great extent. It has a wetness indicator, which goes from yellow to blue, indicating the time to change the diaper. Doesn’t this make your work easy? It has certainly made a world of a difference in my daily routine and moreover brought me peace of mind!

And yes, these pants come with aloe vera infused in them. This ensures my baby’s skin won’t be harmed from the use of the diaper for longer hours. This is one-of-a-kind thing in my experience and something I was wishing for my child for quite some time.

The all-around fit with a silk-smooth waistband and the unique design on the sides helps my baby move everywhere with ease as well as sleep in whatever position with the diaper on without any irritation or chafing of the skin. I'm loving it!

Moreover, the easy to change and dispose of feature really helps me save time while changing the diaper for my baby. All I have to do is tear up the diaper from the sides and roll it while securing with a disposable tape and tossing it into the garbage. With so many wonderful features wrapped up in the New Pampers Premium Care Pants, I feel so much better, as I have nothing to worry about now. My baby is free from any irritation, sleeps better and is completely protected from rashes. My vote goes to Pampers for these super soft and smart new diaper pants.

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| Nov 22, 2018

ye blue-yellow line concept is new for me. good work pampers!

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| Nov 22, 2018

yeah it unique even i don't see this feature in other diapers. hope ke leakage issue is resolved by pampers with this diaper.

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| Nov 22, 2018

good info.

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| Nov 29, 2018

I personally feel that buggies does a better job of absorbing wetness. I don have to worry about it the whole night. Pamper has this gel and after a single pee count it becomes heavy and after a few more pee it starts leaking. This case I end up changing 2 diapers in the night.

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