The Parenting Journey Made Easy With Parentune Plus

Ridhi Dogra

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Updated on Jul 20, 2022

The Parenting Journey Made Easy With Parentune Plus

We live in the 21st century where technology has completely changed the way we live, eat, drink, and sleep. In fact, technology has also made the parenting phase easy and hassle-free for both parents and kids. From connecting with the doctors online to attending classes virtually, we have come  a long way. Parenting is not only a beautiful phase but also a life-changing journey that is filled with valuable learning experiences. Whether you’re someone who is on the lookout for genuine and trusted resources revolving around your child’s health or planning to connect with experts at odd hours, our Parentune Plus Subscription is all that you need to your rescue. From easy access to all the learning resources to seeking the advice of the experts, and attending workshops, our Parentune Plus Subscription will cover all your interests thereby ensuring that your and your child’s needs are adequately met.

Benefits That Make the Parentune Plus Subscription Unique 

1. Personalized Approach from Family to Family- First and foremost, our Parentune Plus subscription has been developed after extensive research work, and the inputs provided by more than 300+ verified child experts. By subscribing to our Parentune Plus application, you’ll be able to help your child in fulfilling their needs based on their area of interest and age. Moreover, Parentune Plus is an award-winning APP and Progressive Web App that will make the overall parenting experience more immersive and fulfilling.  You can seamlessly learn about important concepts along with unlimited access and comprehensive learning.  From the time you conceive to the time your teenager is ready for the world, Parentune Plus will be there with you like a shadow. 

2. 24x7 Support from Child Specialists and Experts- It’s not a hidden fact that parents know their kids better than anyone else in the world and this becomes even more important and evident when you get the right advice from the doctors and health experts. As already stated above, the Parentune Plus subscription is completed by the inputs provided by experts and doctors. And do you know what’s the best part? You can seek answers to your questions and doubts by connecting with our panel of experts who are available for you 24x7. Therefore, you can easily get verified and prompt answers within a few minutes.

3. Unlock the Daily Focus Benefits- The best part about the Parentune Plus Subscription is that you can also unlock all the exclusive daily focus content that is specially curated for you and your baby. With our daily focus feature, you can follow all the good daily habits, and unlock all the activities for your child. You can also save up to 10% on doctor consultations, and get easy access to unlimited workshops, and quality content. 

4. Unlimited Access to Expert Workshops- Lastly, with the Parentune Plus subscription you will get an unlimited access to everything that is from unlimited Q/A with the doctor and health experts, to VIP access across all the workshops, and a chance to save 20% on the doctor consultations. Everything is possible with the Parentune Plus Subscription. You can additionally save up to 15% on every workshop + sessions with top child experts. 

Wrapping Up 

Parentune is the most prompt and verified support for parents on Earth. It's a parents’ network & a 24x7 parents’ partner. Moreover, it is the only such safe space of millions of verified parent accounts, helping each parent to do what is right for their child. We are driven to empower a positive shift in the quality of parenting and each child's development. Parentune is guided by the belief that each parent when receives prompt advice from like minded parents and Experts is able to make better decisions and do what is best for their child. Our vision is to be the Must-have-support for each parent.

So give your parenting journey a new twist with our Parentune Plus Subscription. 

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