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The red cycle & the New Year!

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Created by Nitin
Updated on Dec 31, 2016

The red cycle the New Year
Reviewed by Expert panel

There is this vivid memory I have of my childhood, playing in my backyard, riding this toy-like red cycle, and my mum trying to get my attention...I don't remember much else except that, I looked forward to riding that red cycle and it made me very happy. Today, as parentune goes on to take meaningful steps in its journey of supporting parents, I feel elated to look back at 2016 and take note of what we achieved together as a community, yes I mean you, millions of parents and the parentune team. There are many milestones achieved but the more I think of our vision of parentune, I feel a few were of real high significance. Sharing my thoughts of 2016, my gratitude to each one of you for your proparent spirit, that to help fellow parents, and hoping to receive your thoughts as well. 

1. Parentune Mobile App - Jan 2016

Parentune is a proparent community, supporting parents to do more for their child. It's not a close ended goal, but something which motivates us, the community to improve its support for each parent. The mobile app in that sense is a better quality of that support for a parent. Not only does it get you alerts and notifications relevant to you and your child, but also improves the real-time support for a parent. You don't need to log in each time, for example, you could just tap on it and find what you were looking for. 

2. Mother's Day community meetup - May 2016

We have met up earlier in community meetups, where we have focused sessions, children's activity and workshops with Parentune Experts. We added Mother's Day community meetup this year and had more than 8000 parents joining within the 2 days of the meetup. It was special to see parents coming fwd and pledging support for meaningful causes, partnering experts and the parentune team to make a difference. Looking forward to the next meetup in 2017. We took back one common thread from what we heard from you, that, we should meet more often :). 

3. Proparent of the week - Oct2016

A community thrives on what the members believe in and does about it. Proparent of the week is an ode to the proparents who help their fellow parents to achieve more for their child. They are the ones who answer parent talks, share solutions and connect with more and more fellow parents in the community to improve the support ecosystem for each other. It's our way to say Thank You and we salute the proparent spirit in you. 

4. 1mn verified parents - Dec'2016 

We learnt early on that you would like to be surrounded by parents, real people, and would like to be in a trusted company. This very understanding guided us to create the verification process on parentune. December has been extra special on those lines, with the community now touching 1mn verified parents, imagine the distance we took together to get here. December also got us some external recognition, parentune was featured by Economic Times.

Parentune's journey is that of its resolve to support parents. Considering that there are around 500 mn parents just in India, we want to dedicate 2017 to making parentune a must have support for each parent independent of their language, location and disposition. I and the parentune team can't do this without each one of your support. Your proparent spirit is the most valued gift for us in 2017. Looking forward to knowing your thoughts to how do we make the parentune support better each day of 2017.

This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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| Dec 31, 2016

Congrats Team Parentune! More power to you! Heartfelt thank you for providing us this platform wherein we all can share our concerns, support each other in times of need, do more for our children and become a better parent!!! Thank u Nitin for sharing this beautiful journey of success in the year 2016 with us all! I feel blessed to be a part of Parentune Community and consider it as my extended family. May Parentune continues to Prosper and succeed year after after! Wishing Team Parentune and my dear proparents a very Happy New Year !

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| Jan 01, 2017

Thank You shikha! The community has grown because of proparents like you who lead the community by helping fellow parents. Thank You for being a true proparent.

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| Jan 02, 2017

I am a new member to the team. I really find the articles very interesting and so well written out. I wish the Parenttune team all success in years to come. Wish you all the very best and may you achieve much more in every way. Thank you for being there for parents.

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| Jan 02, 2017

thanks Roshan! your words make our day extra special. we would do our best and more to be of support to parents. :)

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