The Tantrum Queen's Son

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The Tantrum Queens Son
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Tantrum Queen was my first name till a mom in me was born...My little one unfortunately had the tantrum chromosome from me, and life came a full circle. For the first time I felt what a difficult time I must have given to my mother when I was a child. My boy was six-months old when we first saw prominent signs of the 3 T's in him, and we both felt helpless. We did not know how to ensure that a six-month old would control any of the three and the kind of role we could play to help him out.

One evening while getting back from his day care he started crying without any particular reason; there had been a nappy change and a feeding session just before he left the day care. He was howling and there were still 20 minutes to reach home and to top that I could not take the car to the side of the road because I was stuck at a traffic signal. I called out his name and started speaking to him, asking him if his tummy was hurting or he felt a little uneasy in his car seat; random questions about his day knowing fully well that I will not get any answer. I just spoke told him about my day and other things around us. And to my relief and surprise that tears stopped. I had got my key- Conversation.
Now he is turning 3 next month and we have conversation on almost everything, about food, toys, books, fights, other babies, his friends; in a nutshell, everything. Every time I see him not liking something or getting into sad mood, I ask him how he is feeling and why he is feeling so. What follows is my question on what I can do to help him; he promptly tries to answer and we reach harmony.
I strongly believe each child's brain is extremely developed. We just need to help them use it the right way. No tears and certainly no temper or tantrums in a naughty way where he sits on the bean bag and gives me a naughty smile saying "I am angry" but nothing beyond that.
I realised every time we spoke to him we made him aware of his discomfort in that situation and how he could deal with it or that we were available to help him. So he rarely feels the need to cry. Not only has it helped me control his temper, tears and tantrums, conversations have made me my son's confidante. Even if he has done something wrong, he reaches out to speak to me.
As a parent can totally vouch for "Conversations and the Key to 3 T's"

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| Aug 09, 2015

Wil definitely try it on my 1year old sonny boy. Hope it works. Finger crossed!!!

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| Aug 09, 2015


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