Time to go back to My desk!!

Sucheta Bhowmik
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Created by Sucheta Bhowmik
Updated on Apr 01, 2021

Time to go back to My desk

Time to go back to My desk. A desk I left 6 months ago... Maternity leave - Some people things it's a vacation! But really it's not. The most challenging leave. Huge changes, lots of responsibility. End of those carefree lives to embrace little tiny human ? .. . . From "Central Character" you become "Side Player" !!. From "Late night movie date" to "Whole sleepless night" !!. From "Nykaa Sale" to "Firstcry Diaper Sale" !!. From "Netflix" to "Parenting App" !! . . From "Heels" to "Flat shoes" !!. This leave changes you. Evolves you! You understand your parents more than you do ever. And enjoy your parenthood with equal parenting idea. . . We - The Millennial Parents are trying to strike balance between their Tab and their Tadpole. A working mother is always in dilemma. But for me it's not about choosing; for me, it's about co-existing. My career and My lifeline- together we will sail through ❤.

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| Apr 04, 2021


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