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Are you worried about your child's timely growth and development?

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Created by Thakshila
Updated on Sep 03, 2019

Are you worried about your childs timely growth and development
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Thakshila, a hands-on mom shares some noteworthy insights on her baby’s growth. She explains why reaching milestones and growth timelines can differ in babies and pleads parents to stop worrying too much about their child’s growth and development.

I have a 10 months old daughter, and I, as a parent, used to constantly worry about the timely growth and development of my child. Thoughts such as “why isn’t she still able to sit at 4 months old like my sister’s daughter” or “why isn’t she still not able to crawl at 7 months old” were common. But then I realized, that all babies differ, and they all have their own pace of development.

As per the studies and research available on the internet, babies should be able to sit on their own by 5-6 months of age. But, that’s not really true. Some babies may learn to sit by 8 months and that’s still good enough. My friend’s daughter had her first tooth by 6 months, but my 10 months old little one still hasn’t got her tooth yet. So, teething too differs. Some babies are even born with teeth, and some end up getting their first set of teeth by year 1. Teething late is not a problem unless your baby still doesn’t get any teeth by year 2 (Also, teething is painful, and there will be a lot of changes in your baby, so be ready!).

The timeline for standing up and walking is also different for each baby. For eg. my sister’s daughter stood up for the first time when she was 8 months old, but my 10 months old little one still wobbles while trying to stand up, and latches on to support for the same. Sames goes for walking too. Some babies learn to walk by 10 months while others start walking by 18 months. So dear parents, please stop worrying and enjoy your baby’s growth and development. Keep smiling and enjoy each step of your child.

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| Sep 05, 2019

Very well said Thakshila . I am of the same belief and that we as parents should help other parents too who may be going through some challenges for the first time.

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