Tips for dressing your child smartly

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Tips for dressing your child smartly
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Your child begins to develop a personal style in early childhood. As soon as she starts showing other signs of individuality, she will demonstrate preferences for particular colours, patterns and motifs. Give her some room to engage with those natural affinities, and you will see that her style will further evolve.

1. Play with contrasting patterns and prints

Right from stripes to polka dots and geometric designs to stars, from floral to zigzags, you get numerous choices in both tops and bottoms. Pairing either with the other in a plain solid colour will enhance her style quotient. Pattern with pattern is also in these days but I am not sure how long this would last.

2. Sleeves rolled up

Many a times a simple rolling up the sleeves till elbow adds to the stylish look. Also half tucked shirts and knots at the bottom give a bold look.

3. Jackets and inners add to the look

Letting contrast inners or T’s show from within an outer top or shirt looks smart. Investing in jackets and shrugs is a good idea as they give a complete look to an outfit. In addition, it helps in puffing up the lean child to give a better body shape.

4. Hairstyles galore

Spikes, disconnected pompadours, simple parting and slicked back hair styles to name a few suit boys while, braids, ponies, messy buns and knotting etc. work best for girls. With girls you can use hair accessories to give different looks be it funky or festive.

5. The shoes say it all

The role of good shoes cannot be undermined while we are talking about style. These days, courtesy the contrast concept, a single pair can be put to use in multiple outfits. Sneakers, sports shoes, ballerinas, party shoes, buy as per your requirement and club them mindfully for that extra flare.

6. Trendy bottoms work wonders

Crushed pants, monkey washed jeans, corduroy, torn jeans, baggy pants, velvets and much more. Pairing such bottoms with T-shirts, T-backs, crop tops, shirts and others gives a trendy appearance. Also variations in the form of shorts, 3/4th’s, ankle length and full enables the child to dress as per the occasion and crowd.

7. Accessorise to enhance

Belts and scarves (if your child carries) will definitely give that different look to your child. Bold or pastel colours both if gelled well with an outfit will highlight him/her in a group. Also children these days are comfortable carrying shades and hats.

8. Teach them the attitude

This is the abstract side that needs to be developed along with proper postures and body language. Quintessential for the ultimate look, attitude determines the aura and presence of your child. Respectful greetings, talking and eating manners, sportsmanship and confidence are as important as clothes, probably more.

An Indian outfit suits the best on festivals and religious ceremonies, where if the fabric is chosen wisely the child is equally comfortable. While dressing him/her in a traditional outfit you need to advise him/her on how to carry and move in style.

A child who is allowed to dress herself will develop a sense of accomplishment that will encourage her to keep at it. Before long they’ll have mastered the basics. The physical process of getting dressed will also build motor skills and give plenty of time to practice when there’s less pressure to get out the door. If you do not agree to their combinations and attire be polite and do make an effort to explain.

These are some of the styling tips I used with my daughter. Please do share your feedback and viewpoints in the comments section below. 

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| May 21, 2017

really useful tips for our ward.

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| Apr 14, 2017

thanku Sonia and Urmi... do read my other blogs as well... ur feedback keeps me going

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| Apr 13, 2017

vry nice article

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| Feb 07, 2017

very nice and useful articles

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| Dec 28, 2016

thnku ... jst wntd to bring to light... that dressing kids smart jst requires small lil ideas of chnge...

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| Dec 28, 2016

In agreement with Niti Saboo. Quite a useful blog.

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| Dec 27, 2016

very nice article . it is useful .

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