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Tips To Avoid Sleep While Studying For Exams

Zufeen Khan
11 to 16 years

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Updated on Mar 05, 2018

Tips To Avoid Sleep While Studying For Exams
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Since exams have commenced and your child must be putting extra efforts in studies, sleep comes naturally as both the mind and body are tired. Decision making becomes tough as both the options are very important to choose – to sleep or rest, or to study hard!

Well to help you and your child in this dilemma, here are a few tips on how to avoid sleep while studying for exams.

Causes Of Sleep While Studying-

Before jumping on to the tips to avoid sleep while studying, let’s understand the reason behind it first. As we know our brain needs a lot of energy to function; while studying, this energy is succumbed and the body is not able to meet the energy demand of the brain. Hence, we start feeling drowsy, tired and sleepy. Also, there are other causes which might be affecting the sleep of your child such as-

  1. Sleep-wake cycle
  2. Chronic illness
  3. Medications
  4. Stress, etc.

How To Avoid Sleep While Studying For Exams –

After identifying the causes, here are a few tips y]which might come handy for you and your child to hush away sleep while studying:

  1. Avoid heavy food:

    The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to avoid heavy food and meals. Eat light meals like oast, dalia and take in lots of fluids to keep the energy and nutrition flow even. Heavy food take time to digest, and body needs time to break it down and create energy for the system, this is the reason while why your child will start feeling drowsy
  2. Avoid switching off the lights:

    Ensure that all the light in the room where your child studies are switched on. There are a few reasons behind this- lots of light in the room will keep his/her mind alert. Studying under just one table lamp and keeping the other room in complete darkness create a cozy and lazy environment, perfect to doze off! Also, dim lights have a bad effect on your child’s eye-sight. Keep the room and your child’s mood lightened up!
  3. Avoid lying down while studying:

    Again, if your child does that, he/she will start feeling all comfy and get distracted from studies. It is only natural that as soon as we lay down in bed we start feeling relaxed, and sleepy. A tired child is likely to feel the same. Avoid lying down in bed/ couch while studying
  4. Drink lots of water:

    Drinking generous amounts of water is the key to everything! If there’s less intake of fluid your child will naturally feel dehydrated because the demand of the body are not met. Drinking lots of water will keep his/her health in check and keep your child alert
  5. Take breaks:

    Yes! Taking quality breaks is very important. By breaks here, I mean taking a walk, or listening to good music; or maybe taking a power nap break. Avoid watching TV or cartoons during this break. P.S. Tom and Jerry is an exception! ;)
  6. Studying time:

    Make sure you sleep early, and rise and shine in the morning. Studying early morning is considered best as your brain is most functional at that time. Similarly, avoid learning or studying at night, especially heavy or tough topics. Your brain is exhausted at this time of the day, and you need to juice it up by proper sleep

Follow these easy tips and ensure a healthy and managed routine cycle for your child and avoid sleep while studying.

Did you like the blog? Do you have any more tips to avoid sleep while studying? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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| Mar 06, 2018

power packed 6 tips to avoid sleep while studying during exams.

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| Mar 08, 2018

Hi my son is of 10 years his weight is 47kg which I feel is towards higher side please suggest some ways to help him to loose weight. I would like to mention he is fond of good food often judges restaurants on the quality of food.

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| Mar 09, 2018

Hi Shabina, For an Indian boy of 10 years of age, the weight should be around 35-40kgs (height 138cm). If he is fond of good food, then you can switch to healthier recipes. You can take tips from this blog- You can also cut down on edible fats like ghee, cheese, butter and carbs which can help you reduce weight in significant manner.

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