How To Deal With A Child Who Is A Bully?

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How To Deal With A Child Who Is A Bully

Little ones always find a way out to get their demands fulfilled which slowly make them powerful as they know ways and means to get an adult get their things done as required. Gradually such children become bullies and also master the art of throwing tantrums and harassing other children to get his way.

There are a lot of children in school who complain about other children bullying them and hence prefer to skip school. Although schools are doing their best to tackle such issues, your role as a parent is also crucial.

You must talk to your child if he has any such issues and report the matter to the school as early as possible to bring the situation under control. Your child can be a bully too and if you find out so, there are ways in which you can handle the matter.

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5 Ways To Deal With Your Bully Child

Here are 5 ways in which you can deal with a bully.

  1. Talk to your child's teacher: If you come to know that your child is harassing others in school, you must take action by bringing light on the matter to his teacher. The administration of the school must be made aware of such issues happening in the school premises in order to safeguard other children from becoming victims of bullying. You must report the entire incident along with the bully who was involved that will help the teachers solve the matter quickly. When the school authorities know how you as a parent want the best for your child, they too will work harder on achieving mutual targets. In this way your child will have a sense of fear in him since the matter was reported to his teacher. This will encourage him to stop bullying in order to avoid any punishments from his teacher
  2. Be his or her coach: You must teach your child and instil good behaviour in him and tell him how other children face issues when they are being bullied by him. You must also ask him to stop bullying as he will only lose out his friends and will be isolated which is a feeling that he doesn't want. The best example you can give your child is to tell him how he would end up feeling if he was in the victim's shoes who got bullied. He might think of the consequences and learn a lesson
  3. Encourage positive behaviour: Your toddler by the age of 3, learns all the tricks to get things done in their way by the adults which instils a sense of power in him or her. This power will lead him to bully other children which is why you must confront your child immediately. Encourage positive behaviour in your child and reward him every time he goes a day without bullying. This reward system will work wonders and will keep your child off bullying
  4. Building social and emotional skills: Empower your child to build his skills for resolving conflicts. Social and emotional learning includes self-awareness, self-management, resilience, social agility, and responsible decision-making. You can enrol your child in after school programs and extra-curricular activities that will provide as a platform for him to build positive relationships. Since your child is young, he will grasp on things sooner
  5. Focus on consequences: Whenever your child bullies another child, you can take away one thing from him which he cherishes, it may be a toy, no watching TV, no playing video games or anything for that matter. You can also work the other way round by telling your child to consider how it would feel if he was bullied in the same manner by some other child. This might instil some fear in him and would make him stop bullying soon. Always make your child apologize to the victim once you come to know about the matter

Practicing a bit of reward and punishment system goes a long way in teaching your child good values and discouraging him from being a bully. If your child is a bully then follow these ways that will be of help and do not hesitate to bring the matter to his school authorities as some help will enable you in teaching your child quickly and effectively.

Did you like the blog on how to deal with your child who is a bully? Is your child a bully too? How did you stop him or her from bullying other children. Share your views and thoughts in the comments section below.

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my child is 9 months old and his HB is below 10 how to increase his HB and immunity level through diet

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thank you so much for your advice

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A very good blog to help out parents

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yes talking out and discussing how he would feel being in Victim's shoes might make him empathise and stop bullying.. very nice tips.. thanks for sharing this blog.

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