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Tips to Keep Kids Engaged in Learning at Home

Prerna Garg
1 to 3 years

Created by Prerna Garg
Updated on Mar 26, 2021

Tips to Keep Kids Engaged in Learning at Home

During this lockdown, my daughter's schedule was badly disturbed. She was spending countless hours in front of the television screen looking at the laptop and phone for her online classes and other activities.

Because of this excessive #screentime , I could see that her eyes were getting affected. Since she wears glasses, as a mother, it worried me even more. Additionally, I noticed that her social interaction was taking a big hit.

Since the day I bought the Carvaan Mini Kids, my daughter has taken to it very well. Carvaan Mini Kids consists of more than 80 rhymes in Hindi & English, 300+ stories, 15 phonetic-based learning content, and more than 30 Mantras.

Now, #carvaanminikids keeps my daughter engaged positively. As a result, her screen time has gone down drastically, her eyes are not being affected as much, and most importantly, she is getting to learn so much more.

As a mother, my experience with Saregama Carvaan Mini kids has been amazing. My daughter has become more interactive socially, and thanks to the knowledge she has been gaining from Carvaan Mini kids, she has so much more to share as well.

You can buy it from Saregama, Flipkart, Amazon, and Firstcry.

You can avail 10% discount by using coupon code Parentune10 on saregama's website.

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Disclaimer- This content is sponsored by Saregama Carvaan MiniKids

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