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Multiplication Tables - How To Study?

3 to 7 years

Created by Ekta
Updated on Jan 24, 2018

Multiplication Tables How To Study

2 ones a 2

2 twos a 4

These chorus chants were common in my days. This is how I learnt my tables.

Learning by memory is by far the easiest method though children today are not too comfortable learning this way.

What Are The Different Ways To Learn Tables?

Here are some of the tips to teach multiplication tables to your child.

  1. Posters: Create your own poster. Use waste materials like cardboards or charts used on one side. Draw bright columns. Paste colourful cut outs of numbers and replicate the tables. Or just use marker pens to write them out. Posters serve as daily reminders. Do not put up the whole list. Begin with only the numbers they are learning. You could put tables of odd numbers or multiples of 3, 5 etc.
  2. Flash cards: The same can be done with flash cards and put on the study table. Encourage children to spend just 15 minutes studying the tables. Use coloured cards to indicate the different numbers e.g. multiples of 2 can be in blue, multiples of 3 in green etc. Use coloured paper or charts to make the cards
  3. Music: Create rap or any other form of music with the tables. Children love music and actions especially when they are small
  4. Don't go by the order: The order of numbers does not matter in multiplications e.g. 6x2= 12 vs 2x6= 12. So learning half the tables is actually enough
  5. Teach a set of tables together: Learn a set of tables everyday till thorough. Group tables of 2,3,4 ,5 and make them thorough
  6. Teach them to look for patterns: Table 2 is just doubling while table 3 is tripling. Table 5 ends in 0 or 5. Table 9 has an interesting pattern- look at the answers- the last number will be in descending order- 18,27,36…. Table 10 will always end in 0
  7. Tables get together: have a study group once a week. Use this time to make learning interactive and activity based. Give numbers to each child and ask them to narrate or sing the tables. Have a race between them. Organise a puzzle or a quiz based on tables
  8. Maggi Test: Create 2-minute test on tables and call it the Maggi test
  9. Stories and tables go hand in hand: Inculcate tables into stories for little ones
  10. Have a multiplication table day: E.g. every Friday for 1 hour. Use the Pomodoro technique to use the one hour. The Pomodoro techniques consist in working in slots. Each slot will have 25 minute of studying and five minute of rest
  11. Same numbers multiplication chart: Create a chart for 2x2,3x3,4x4
  12. Tables' box: Set up a shoe box and label it the 'tables box'. Cut out numbers using old newspapers. Ask your child to fish out a number. Recite the tables of that number. Or create a table chart using the numbers in the box
  13. Abacus is fun: Enrolling in abacus for the very small children and Vedic math for middle school children can also help because both method teach children to do mental calculations. Mental calculations help in learning the tables
  14. Online tests: There are interactive tests also online. Set up an incentive system. Create an incentives chart. Reward a red dot when your child is able to say the complete table of a particular number. When he/she collects 5 stars give them a treat. The treat can be an extra hour of play during the weekend
  15. Routine learning is a must: The key to learning tables is persistent routine. Routine learning will help in storing into the memory
  16. Practice makes your child perfect: Just like one would need to practice constantly for a dram or a speech, so also one should practice one's tables. It is essential to praise the efforts and not just the child
  17. Remove the fear of maths: Most children tend to be afraid of math. Or they dislike the subject due to the teacher. If you know this early it is best to act early. Make your child see math in every- day life. The kitchen itself is a great way to apply math in daily life. Each room has objects, doors and windows. Shapes, numbers, sizes can be taught using them. Once a child overcomes the fear of math and numbers he/she will be able to learn multiplication

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