Tips to make your teen in-sync with your routine

Shweta Chopra
11 to 16 years

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Tips to make your teen in sync with your routine

Our children today perhaps know the price of everything but the value of nothing. It is disheartening to see a teenager unable to appreciate or see a parents point of view and stand tall against something only he believes in. Here is a blog that suggests ways on how we can ensure our children are strong in the right ways.

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Divya Kothari

| Mar 04, 2017

plz explain how to in sync for children above 20 years

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Bharat Sharma

| Nov 23, 2016

very helpful

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Rajashree Bhagwat

| Sep 28, 2016

Beautifully written! These are little things that brings in a lot of difference in kids especially teens. In their struggle to find their identity they tend to be offtrack. They prefer isolation to struggle their battle. Hence it is important for parents to be patient and understand them. Spending quality time with them and getting them in-sync with our routine can help them get over their struggles.

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