Tips to make your teen in-sync with your routine

Shweta Chopra
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Updated on Jul 05, 2022

Tips to make your teen in sync with your routine
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Each time we hear about something hard to digest like a child's sexual abuse, alcohol or drugs in children, suicide etc we all silently pray that it shouldn't happen to our child. Every time we see our children behaving out of sync with what we expect to see in them, our obvious reaction falls short of what our children want from us at that time – patience and compassion.

Starting from academic pressures, their health and fitness, extra-curricular activities, their friend scenario to the kind of person our child is coming up to be, we parents try and help them balance it all –but do they see our role through this phase?

In some cases not! It’s most disheartening to see a confused and stubborn teenager who refuses to see your point of view and doesn't know his own.

The pressure of parenting seems to be rising by the hour as our children know the price of everything and the value of nothing. How do we then ground them to be less difficult not just on us parents but also on their own selves?

Here are some ideas!

Talk about your struggles: Let them know life isn't always a piece of cake and everything they have is your way of showering your love, through your own hard work, bringing them the comforts for a good life. Help them develop gratitude.

Tell them how you feel: Parents bring down the level of interaction to avoid confrontations but this only pushes each one on the table further away. Keep it simple and loving. Let them know you are a good listener and expect the very same. Teach by example.

Turn complaints into compliments: Our children usually get to hear from us what's not right with them but hearing a loving and authentic compliment boosts their morale. It reassures them of their capabilities and fills them with contentment. Just giving them an admirable look helps too—after all everyone loves compliments!

Ask them for advice for your minor issues which do not involve them: Help your child know that you trust and seek their opinion. This would enhance their problem solving abilities. Teach them how to mull over a situation instead of jumping into actions that we usually regret later.

Last but not the least....

Make them aware of their ability to choose how they can feel: We all have the power to let go of things that trouble our thoughts and replace them with things which are more worthy of getting our attention. We need to empower them with the knowledge of all that they possess...we have the power to heal ourselves and others only placing a strong and pure intention in place can bring in great gifts.

The greatest gift a parent can give their child is the gift of emotional and spiritual strength and the earlier you begin the easier it will be. So bring it on!

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| Sep 28, 2016

Beautifully written! These are little things that brings in a lot of difference in kids especially teens. In their struggle to find their identity they tend to be offtrack. They prefer isolation to struggle their battle. Hence it is important for parents to be patient and understand them. Spending quality time with them and getting them in-sync with our routine can help them get over their struggles.

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| Nov 23, 2016

very helpful

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| Mar 04, 2017

plz explain how to in sync for children above 20 years

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