What to Take Care of Baby Massaging in Winter ? - Must Know Facts

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What to Take Care of Baby Massaging in Winter Must Know Facts

Massaging your baby with oil plays a very important role in strengthening their bones, stimulating the blood circulation, improves their digestion process and their overall growth. It will help your  infant to sleep soundly. Our traditional Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of massaging the babies. A soft and gentle rhythmic massage with an apt oil can have a very good effect on your toddler. Our proparent blogger Ambili S Kartha shares all you need to know about massaging your toddler in winters.

The type of massaging oil used is based on several factors. It relies on baby’s skin tone, overall built, general health, etc. Season is another important factor that determines the type of oil used to massage the baby. Oil which is good to use during the summer may not bring out same results during the winter.

The winter is near. Do you wonder if you should stop or could continue massaging your toddler during winter? Moreover, it is not easy to convince your toddler for an oil massage and bath during winter. This blog helps you to know all about massaging your toddler during winter and things to remember while bathing him.


Must Know Winter Baby Massage Facts - Every New Mom Should Learn

Do I Have To Stop Massaging The Baby in Winter?

You might have heard some mothers insisting that the oil massage ought to be stopped during the winter as the climate is extremely cold and exposing your toddler to that extreme climate can cause health issues. This is not correct. In fact, massaging the toddler is more beneficial during winter as their skin need some extra care to fight against dry and cold weather that could make their skin dry and flaky. Massaging helps the toddler’s skin to stay hydrated in the dry, cold weather. The only thing is unlike during the summer, during cold winter you should take into consideration some factors.


What Should All Be Taken Care Of While Massaging My Newborn During Winter?

Here are a couple of things that you should keep in mind while massaging your toddler during winter.

  1. Before you begin massaging the baby, rub both of your hands together to warm up your palms. This will help the toddler to not feel the cold from your touch
  2. You can also warm up the oil you use for the massage. The oil should be at a comfortable temperature, not hot. You can ensure this by touching it with your elbow or the inside of your wrist
  3. Ensure no passage of air enters the room in which you undress your toddler for massaging
  4. Continue massaging the toddler for around five to ten minutes. Use oil liberally. Massage thoroughly so that oil is absorbed by the baby’s skin.
  5. Immediately after that bathe him
  6. Reduce the bathing time of your toddler. A quick bath in lukewarm water with a mild soap is preferred during winter. The warmer the water greater chances of losing natural moisture of his or her skin. More bathing time means more chances to catch a cold during the winter
  7. Keep the toddler warm during the bathing time


How To Keep My Baby Warm At Bath Time in Winter?

  1. The bathroom should remain warm when you take the baby for a bath. You can warm up the bathroom by opening the hot shower for a few minutes
  2. As soon as bathing over wrap them in a dry towel. If possible use warmed towel fro heated towel rail
  3. Keep your toddler’s dress to put on after bath ready before bathing him so that you can make him wear it as soon as you dry him off
  4. Searching for the dress after bathing him is a wrong idea as you make them shiver out of the cold


When Is The Best Time To Massage My Baby in Winter?

During winter, good time for massaging the toddler is night or early evening. Unlike chill mornings they will feel more at ease during late afternoons or early evenings and nights. A night massage routine is more beneficial as it helps your toddler to get a good night’s sleep. Also, the time you choose must be when the kid is not hungry or does not have a full stomach. Don’t pick a time when the toddler is sleepy.


What Massage oil Is Beneficial For My Baby in Winter?

  1. Mustard oil: Mustard oil is believed to be the best massage oil over other oils during winter as it is extremely beneficial to retain the warmth of your toddler's body. It acts as an excellent insulator. Moreover, it is quite effective to provide significant relief from the symptoms of asthma (if your toddler is prone to), cold and cough which are very common during the winter. Antibacterial and antifungal properties of mustard oil are good for keeping skin infection at bay during winter. However, it can trigger allergic reactions on a very sensitive skin. If you notice rashes, dry or cracked skin while using mustard oil, discontinue using it and consult your child's doctor.
  2. Ghee: Pure ghee can also use for massaging babies during the winter. Even though it is not popular in other parts, people in higher altitudes have been using ghee as a massage oil for ages. Massaging baby with ghee during winters will help to protect the body from cold and locks in the moisture. It also keeps the skin of the baby soft and supple.
  3. Almond oil: Many people mix almond oil with other oils as it is highly rich in Vitamin E. It also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, and B6. It is an excellent choice for use on babies during both winter and summer as it spreads on and easily absorbed into the baby's skin keeping your toddler’s skin soft and supple for hours.
  4. Olive oil: Olive oil is another good choice for massaging babies during the winter season. Though slightly pricey, it is extremely nourishing for your child. It has several benefits. Olive oil hydrates the baby's skin as it penetrates deep into the skin. Massaging with olive oil also offer better sleep for your baby


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