8 Tips To Get Your Toddler Close To Nature This Winter

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8 Tips To Get Your Toddler Close To Nature This Winter
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With a majority of activities turning "digital", it is a challenging task to get children to appreciate nature and take care of it. However, it is not impossible, and it just takes a little effort. This winter go on a digital detox and bond as a family in the lap of nature while you teach your toddler how to be one with the nature. Read on to find out more!

8 Tips To Bring Your Toddler Close To Nature

While winter is the season to cuddle together and put on the television, it is also a great time to see a whole new face of nature. Here are some tips.

  1. Think positive about the weather: While yes, children do tend to fall sick more during the winter months, the weather itself isn’t "bad." Staying indoors throughout the cold season will make your child dull and hence it is very essential for them to get out and get some fresh breath which will boost their spirits and energy
  2. Dress up right: Staying indoors has its own cozy charm. But you can take your child out by dressing her appropriately for the cold weather. Invest in warm clothes for your child so that she can stay warm and dry while also enjoy some outdoor activities
  3. Friends and family: When you plan out a day with your child, make sure that you invite her friends or perhaps some relatives she enjoys spending time with. This is a great way to bond and have some fun
  4. Go local: If you are reluctant to take your child out during the winters, you can start with small steps. A neighborhood park or a play area will work well for your child in the beginning. Once you are comfortable with the idea, and your child gets used to going out more often, you can venture out further
  5. A playdate: This surely sounds like a fun idea for your young one who loves to sneak out no matter what. Invite your child’s friends and their parents to accompany you while the children can have a merry time of their own in the park. Now isn’t that a great idea to help your little one socialize as well as get some fresh air?
  6. Be an observer: If you are visiting a park with your little one, let her simply sit on the green grass and enjoy nature all by herself. Your child might encounter a variety of creatures who love nature just like her. Apart from her own friends, your child might end up making some animal friends. You can then teach your kid about those creatures, which will make this outing a good learning session, too
  7. Strolling down the lane: You can put your child in a pram and take her for a walk. A nice outing in her stroller will help your child feel fresh and energized
  8. Engaging grandparents: If your child has grandparents then encourage them to take your child out in the nature and teach her different things about nature. Grandparents are the best people to hear stories from and your child will be involved in listening to them while also be out in nature

Besides bringing your toddler to be one with nature, you are also gifting her a chance to fight infections naturally by boosting her immunity. Bringing your child close to nature in her early years will help her develop a connection with nature in a positive way and might also make her more aware of nature ahead in life. It will improve overall development in your child and will make her more inquisitive about nature.

Winter is the best time to bring your child outdoors due to the perfect climate along with the light sun rays which will keep your child warm and healthy.

Did you like the blog on how to bring your toddler close to nature? If yes, then do wait for a blog on how you can make your older child come close to nature. In the meanwhile, do share your views and thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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| Dec 18, 2017

food for winter

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| Dec 18, 2017

very informative and amazing tips to keep our children close to nature during winters. keep writing .

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