How to deal with toddler's tantrums before school?

Urvashi Shah
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How to deal with toddlers tantrums before school
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Mornings are a rush hour as you not only have to prepare for your husband who goes to work, but also complete the household chores and might as well even leave for work, all by yourself. Amidst all this, getting your child ready for school is another daunting task that you have to go through every week. As if all these morning rituals were not enough, your child throws tantrums before going to school, which makes things even more harder for you to handle all at once. Having a child throw tantrums regularly before going to school makes a mom’s job stressful in the wee hours of morning. If you are confronting the same dilemma on and off, do not worry anymore as you aren’t alone. This blog further decodes many layers on this particular issue. Read on to know more.

Does your child dislike school?

You must come to a conclusion that your child throws tantrums because he/she doesn’t like school. So does every parent think of the same. But, your child doesn’t actually dislike school, he/she is unhappy with the fact that school is away from home, a place where they find comfort. So, just like every other individual on this planet, your child too doesn’t like going away from his/her comfort zone. After spending much time in proximity of parents, it can be a daunting task for a child to leave his/her home to find themselves amidst new people.

This is called separation anxiety and is common among school going toddlers. Every child being different goes through this phase differently. Some cry for a couple days, some for weeks and some even for months, but eventually end up settling in the new environment.

How to handle your toddler’s tantrums?

Usually, children get out of this phase soon and begin going to school without any fuss. But if the condition prolongs for a long time, you might have to make certain modifications that will help you ease the dilemma in no time. So, here are a few tips and tricks that you can put to test right away.

  1. Make sleep a priority: You must know how a tired toddler is a cranky toddler. Usually pre-schools are of morning batch, which means your toddler will have to wake up early and go to school. This is why you must ensure your toddler gets enough sleep so that he/she wakes up with a positive energy in the morning. Make sure your toddler is tucked in to bed early every night where you can sing him/her a lullaby or read a bedtime story. Along with your child, ensure sufficient sleep for yourself too, because you will have to deal with the morning rituals all by yourself.
  2. Prep up the night before: If you think your toddler is likely to throw a tantrum in the morning, you can save yourself some time for the same by preparing certain things a night before. Tasks such as laying out your child’s uniform, polishing his/her shoes, packing the bag and so on, can be done before going to bed. This will save you a great deal of time in the morning, which can be allotted to handling your toddler’s tantrums.
  3. Making the mornings pleasant: Often toddlers get cranky and throw tantrums before going to school because of separation anxiety. This anxiety arises out of the fact that they will not be having your attention and love for that long duration and hence do not want to leave the comfort of their home. Thus, you can spend a few moments in the morning cuddling and playing with your toddler, which will help subside their anxiety and ensure that your love and care is never ending. You can even drop your toddler off to school and also receive them to ensure they are in a relaxed state of mind.

The truth is, despite trying out all these gimmicks, your toddler will take his/her own sweet time to settle in the novice environment. So make sure you do not rush your child and keep the morning rituals simple, organized and routine so that your child doesn’t have to struggle with the same. Also ensure that your child is well fed before going to school in order to prevent his/her empty stomach more prone to creating tantrums. Do not concern too much, your child will soon learn to blend in the new environment of the school. So be patient and keep calm and try to avoid scolding your child. Soon your child will feel much better about school, which will make things simpler at your end too.

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| Jul 04, 2018

My child is in nursery, means now 3. 5 yrs old. Previous year her school was a playschool n doesn't use to cry there... but now this new academic year with new school is a big No No to her n cries a lot whole time in school. I m WORRIED because she didn't cried last year but she is crying now this year. I have confirmed in school about any scoldings or beating in school, but nothing like that. PLEASE GUIDE.

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| Jul 04, 2018

Hello Mayuri, play school and nursery are different... what l mean to say that in play schools rules and regulations are pretty lenient for children... children are often allowed to follow their whims and likings... on the other hand... nursery is the stepping stone for formal education system where teachers start to establish common classroom rules and etiquette as the part of formal teaching learning session. And all children are different... so all children don't accept these changes easily. So have patience, talk to your child, tell her good stories about school, friends and teachers... Moreover, make her feel safe and secure... assure her that everything is fine at school.

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| Jul 05, 2018

You have explained it well. I also suffered the same wen my daughter started her nursery, she use to cry a lot. Sometimes I had to sat down outside the school and she just couldn't stop crying and use to cry for an hour or so and in between all these one of her teacher even scolded and beaten her that time she was just 2. 6 months, I was fortunate to come to know from my daughter only she explained me how they treated her with slap on the face of 2. 6yrs child. After my complaint they didnt stop. I had to change the school. She was so fearful at the time of going to school dat sumtime I felt like crying. If a child is not comfortable in the atmosphere the whole journey they start become painful. If we can understand what a child is going thru we can atleast help. But sumtym they face a lot in an unknown atmosphere and we just don't understand.

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