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Top 10 Summer Camps In India That Your Child May Join

Cheena M Gujral
11 to 16 years

Created by Cheena M Gujral
Updated on Mar 28, 2018

Top 10 Summer Camps In India That Your Child May Join
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Summers come with roaring sun and itchy days. High temperature hardly motivates anyone to go out and do the fun stuff. Thus, vacation time restricts to home arrest for kids, where gadgets and screen consumes all the time. Summer break cannot be best utilised between four walls, there is definitely much more to them.

What Are Summer Camps?

In traditional ways, it is considered as a supervised program to complete the academic stuff that couldn't be done during academic year. But in present time, summer camp is a set of specialised activities that may or may not include academics. It cater more to sports, recreational activities or many other supplement advocations.The primary purpose of a camp is education with skill , athletic or cultural development. Best 10 Summer Camps Your child Can Enroll In This Summer -

Every summer camp differ in its set of activities. As I said earlier, they have diversity in their core structure. Few aim to develop sports proficiency where other aim to achieve artistic aptitude. Let's have a microscopic look to the available types.

  1. Wildlife Camps/ Military Camps:

    The most known kind of camps where camping, hiking, trekking, nature walks and running with winds are catered. Jungle surviving, grooming and real life challenges are witnessed by child. Himachal and Uttrakhand valleys are famous for such camps to make your teen familiar with innate discipline.


    These adventurous camps not only incline your child towards nature but also teach survival in hardships. High treks help them push their limits and develop physical strength for real life tasks
  2. Sports Summer camps:

    Most accepted camps in India. From soccer to cricket to the pool activities, games fun always attract children. Almost every city has some sport camps where your child can be a member.


    Games are always beneficial for strong body development. The exercises help in boosting stamina and ensure overall growth of a child. They infuse the spirit of sportsmanship and works on building patience amongst team members
  3. Music/ Dance/ Theatre Camps:

    Music is indispensable part of soul. So such camps can be opted to introduce music in your child's life. Dance and music simply elevates the mood and are always delight to perform. Encourage your child to try hands on musical instruments or attain fine skill in their favourite dance style. Performing theatres could be fun too.


    Such camps are always a creative boosters for mind. They help in developing better senses, more control and high precision. Different form of dances and theatre increase flexibility with better self-expression in children
  4. Art /Craft

    are captivating for children. Using waste to build pots and creating stuff from discards is highly admired by kids. Painting, papers and scissors are integral in such camps.


    The craft sessions hone the motor skills and improve coordination. It assists in executive functioning like using scissors/ crayons and increase concentration
  5. Photography Camps

    are another option for creative children.They can opt for wildlife, street, night or nature photography while camping.


    It encourages perspective development and healthy self esteem
  6. Rob genetics Camps are fetching more parental attention these days which deals with design, construction, and use of robots with computer controls. The robo labs are operating in metro cities where technology can be learnt in scheduled sessions.


    This involves maths, mechanics and give mental challenges to your child
  7. Forensic sleuths Camps

    are one of special detective camps gaining importance. They are based on studying handwritings and analysing with an expert observation. Thus infuse curiosity to learn among children
  8. Leadership/Entrepreneurial Camps

    are real time valuables. A child is pushed to understand self-potential and sharpen the leadership skills for future support. Command on various languages is also taught which is could be of immense importance in their personal growth
  9. Art of change and social activism camps

    can also be introduced to your child if he seeks positive behavioural changes being in vicinity to society
  10. Academics Camps

    are also available in option. From languages to biology, they teach everything with fun and storytelling

There are ‘n’ types of camps with specialised lessons. So choosing them, only for fad will add no value to your child's personality. Please seek your kid's opinion before hooking so that your child can learn with willingness. Look out for your faith in camp service and budget, you wish to spend.

Hope the information helps you in shortlisting the best summer camp this Summers.

Remember, if you snooze you lose!! So hurry up and Get Going!

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