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Top 12 fun activities to do together with your child this summer - Part 2

3 to 7 years

Created by Bhavna
Updated on Jun 12, 2020

 Top 12 fun activities to do together with your child this summer Part 2
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In the previous part of the Blog i had mentioned the first 6 ideas that i had to be done with my 7 year old during her summer vacations. In this Blog i am listing the balance 6 fun ideas that a parent could do with their child..

So here goes..




7. Treasure Hunt





Where: Could be the society / home / local areas - Will require planning if the area is kept bigger.

Age Group - 5- 10 years.

This is something that i have been thinking of doing for a long time but never got around to actually doing it. This summer I plan to actually put this in place and see how it turns out.

Hint: Clues could be given to the child and stuff could be hidden in the car / kitchen / toy chest / park / with the local sabji wala / neighbors next door.

It will be really exciting for the child to guess the clues and get to the treasure.



8. Go for a Live Performance





Where: Epicenter / Dilli haat 

Age group 6- 10 years.

A few days ago a friend told me that dilli haat was having a live performance called Comicon, though due to time constraint we could not take our daughter but i met some friends later who had managed to take their 10 year old son to it and the report they had was very positive. Apparantly the son was so inspired by it that now he wants to join a drama/ performing arts class in the Summer vacations. Could it get better than that ?, i don't think so ....



9.Making Fridge Magnets for the whole extended Family 






Where: At home 

Age : 4- 8 years

It is great fun , between my daughter and I, we have done it a couple of times and both the sets of grandparents were over whelmed by the results. Even after 2 years they have the magnets up on the fridge. 




10. Make Breakfast together: 






Where: At home

Age 6- 10 years

It is great fun ( for me) when all three of us are in the kitchen and we all have different ideas on what the breakfast should be. it is very elaborate with fruit chat ( my daughter makes as she has learnt that in school), eggs in various shapes, toasts ( burnt and otherwise :-)), sausages ( they are easy since all one has to do is defrost them in the microwave and a slight saute on the pan and they are yum yum) followed by fresh juice ( which is mostly watermelon as it is my daughter's favorite). The kitchen looks like a battle field, my daughter meanwhile has had endless fits of laughter on one thing or other, the toast taste a bit funny but in the end but it is all worth it. 



11. Clean the Car:






Age: 7 - 10 

I have noticed that for many people their car is like their second home and really if you have a small child then it just gets very tough to keep your car clean. Cleaning the car together with a child can be a lot of fun and the child realises the importance of cleaniness and the effort that goes in keeping a particular place clean ( you will surely notice that your child will make sure that the crumbs of the chips are not all over the back seat since she knows it takes a lot to clean the car later).



12. Organise a Karaoke Night





Age : 6- 10 and above

Where: At home / terrace / garden


The child can organise the party, be responsible of the invites, food and entertainmant ( food could be something as simple as pudina chutney sandwich/ nimboo paani and chat) , this perhaps may help the child understand the effort that goes into having people over. The parent could just download the lyrics of the favorite songs or the instumental tunes of the same and even if there is no mike still loads of fun could be had just singing and eating.


Though i had thought that i will restrict my list to 10 things that you could do with your child ( 10 is nice round number, dont you agree? :-)) but in my excitement i once again have exceeded my word limit and jottted down 12 things .

I am really excited about the summer vacations now and can't wait for them to begin, here's wishing loads of fun and quality time for you and your children.


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| Apr 22, 2013

When it comes to new ideas on doing things with my child, I have started running out of thoughts. Will definitely keep coming back here for a ready reference list. thanks, saves us mums a lot of thinking :)

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| Apr 22, 2013

Love this one. Thank you for the wonderful ideas Bhavna :)

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| Apr 23, 2013

Great ideas and so many options to have fun with kids ... infact these are great ideas for moms to have some different day routines :) loved this piece :)

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| Apr 24, 2013

loved all the activities.. Gardening is one of the activity which is enjoyed by all age-groups..

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| Apr 29, 2013

:-)... welcome ladies ... have already compiled the list of things to do with your teenager... and i have a good feeling about that blog too.... wait for it....

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| May 01, 2013

Thanks, great suggestions!

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| May 18, 2017


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| Aug 10, 2017


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